Monday, May 2, 2016

Home Office Project & The Monday Plan

Good morning and happy Monday everyone!

I am checking in this morning from my little spot at Starbucks, waiting for the car dealership to call me to say my oil change is finished and my Jeep is ready for pick up. Fortunately most shops and cafes are within walking distance, so I packed up a bag with my laptop and decided I would wander around on foot until I found somewhere to settle. And of course that was Starbucks!

My order of the morning was a venti iced coffee with sugar free caramel and skim milk (I have been trying to stay away from milk, but unfortunately Starbucks does not offer my beloved almond milk and my body dislikes soy!), and a super green juice on the side. I had pretty much the same thing at Starbucks yesterday too, minus the green juice, while I was out and about with a girlfriend. We ventured to Nanaimo and got our Costco on, then headed to the mall (naturally). There is something about quality time with a girlfriend that makes me feel very much like myself, if that makes any sense! Additionally, Ryan's dad is visiting for the week from the mainland, so we went to a local pub for burgers and Caesars. Can't go wrong there! All in all, it was a lovely Sunday, and I am looking forward to today's adventures!

At home, I have been working on a bit of a project. Or rather, I am finding projects of my own to complete, and this latest project is turning our spare room (which we call Simba's room, because his cat tower is in there and all of his cat goodies) into something more along the lines of an office space.

This desk was previously in our living room slash dining area, though we were finding it was quickly becoming a dump zone for all of the mail and things we wanted to keep off the table. Moving things from pile to pile is not my type of organizing, so I took the time to take everything out of the drawers and organize it in a way that everything as their own section. My personal training homework has a place of its own, and so do the bills, financial statements, planning supplies, and cords and chargers. It feels good knowing that everything is in it's rightful spot and easy to find! I will continue to rearrange things as I go - I am debating whether I want to keep that shelf there or move it back to the other corner. Ideally, I want to put a nice arm chair in one of the corners, though I have yet to find the perfect one that is less than a million dollars ; ) Office on a budget, here!

A closer look at the shelf. I apologize for the poor picture quality! A new camera is definitely needed.

What's next after this? I am meeting Ryan's sister in law for a hike later this afternoon (fingers crossed my vehicle is done on time!) and then going to Zumba again with my sister! I thought about going to the gym while my car is in the shop, though with two other activities going on, I didn't want to be burnt out before the day began. Besides, I wanted to spend some quality time blogging and getting ahead of the game. This means scheduling Facebook posts and making sure I have a game plan for the week ahead. Hopefully I will have some time this afternoon as well to meal prep. The day is still young!

Bloggers out there: any camera recommendations? Please leave them in the comments!

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Catch you on Wednesday!

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