Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Thoughts & My New Face

Good evening, friends!

It's not often that I am blogging in the evening (or past 7pm anyway), so enjoy this rare blip in time. "Write a blog post" was on my to-do list today, and now is the time to get to it!

Let\s recap the week, shall we?

Since the last time we spoke, I took a Zumba class (note: loved it! I am going back this Monday night), went to Brownies on Tuesday, ran lots, and also got a new face. I'll touch on that in a little bit with pictures from my procedure.

First off, let's rewind and talk about this whole running thing. After the Times Colonist 10k run on Sunday, I kept the running mojo going and ran every day until yesterday. That's six days in a row of running without a day off. Why? I had a goal of running sixty miles this month, and since I missed a few days of the month, I had some catching up to do. While it's not generally advised to increase your mileage so soon, I did take care to properly warm up and stretch to ensure I wasn't accumulating too much lactic acid (which would make the next day's run even worse). I even drank some BCAAs (branch chain amino acids, the building blocks of protein) to help with muscle recovery. Being back into the running routine felt really good, though one thing I will admit is my feet didn't feel so great towards the end! Lately I have been having a love-hate relationship with my running shoes. Loved them back in October when I got them, but now I am feeling every bump. You know what this means! Shoe shopping!

Shoe woes aside, I met my goal of 60 miles yesterday. Though I technically still had today to fit miles in, I wanted to take a solid rest day so I am not overworking my muscles. May is a new month, and we will get to those goals in a later post!

Are you still wondering about my new face? Well, here it is.

Beautiful, right? I wouldn't seriously get plastic surgery on my face! Why ruin a bad thing, you know? ; ) This was my Thursday night. Face mask, a book, early to bed. Does life get better than that? Debatable.

Finally, here's a something to think about. I always go back and forth about what I truly want in life, especially when it comes to settling down in a career or a job. Sure, I enjoy what I am doing now, but I cannot support a family in the way I want to by working in a nine to five job. What sets your soul on fire? What do you have such passion for that when you talk about this subject, you feel your heart is going to burst? I am having a hard time thinking about what this means for me. Yes, health and fitness, absolutely. I love helping people, and I want to find a way to inspire and motivate others. I fully believe you can do this without looking down on others or bashing the way they do things, or being negative about their beliefs. Within the past few months I have been reading a lot of books that have helped guide my thoughts, but those thoughts are never 100% clear. No, they are more like muddy water where I can kind of see where I am going, but I am not positive how to get there. Fortunately I have a wonderful support system and all of you internet friends to share the journey with!

And with that, I am off to bed because grandma needs some beauty sleep. Talk to you all in the next one!

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