Monday, April 25, 2016

Times Colonist 10K Review + Lululemon Haul

Good afternoon, folks!

Hope you all had a great weekend. I wanted to check in and give you a run down of how the weekend went in my neck of the woods!

As you might have guessed by the title I ran the Times Colonist 10km run in Victoria this weekend. Friday night after work, Ryan and I drove to Victoria to check out the expo and pick up my bib. The race expo isn't huge, though there are lots of cool vendors there. I picked up a few free samples including the SunRype energy bar (I brought it to a work event on Saturday - can't go wrong with chocolate and coconut!) and the Honey Stinger chews. I have had these chews a few times before, and I will most likely be taking them with me to Vancouver when it's time to run the SeaWheeze Half. Once we had left the expo, it was almost passed dinner time so Ryan and I stopped to grab a bite to eat before driving back home. It was nice to get out of the house for the evening, even if I was zonked out when we got home!

After work on Saturday I took it nice and easy, making sure my running clothes for Sunday morning were clean and I had my breakfast items on hand. If you have been reading my blog since my early days where I was doing running races quite often, you'll know that my go-to breakfast on race day was toast with peanut butter and banana. I have been finding that although the combination is good, it hasn't been sitting that great in my stomach lately. There's nothing worse than running and feeling like there's a rock in your stomach! So, once I was up and getting ready on Sunday (something about waking up at 5:40AM on a Sunday is so, SO wrong!) I made myself my usual morning bowl of oats. However, one thing I did differently on this race day was not add in the usual seeds and whatnot. I had oats, cinnamon, banana and a scoop of peanut butter. That worked out way better, and I think I will continue doing that as my body is used to the ol' oatmeal routine. Why change a great thing!?

For a race of over 7,000 people, it was well organized (as usual) and I almost forgot how much I love the course route. It takes you through downtown Victoria, and on your way back to the finish line you run along Dallas Rd and overlook the water. If you are familiar with the area, you know it is a beautiful place! While this race was technically my longest run in, oh, a LONG time, I felt good. Although it was no PR for me (again, longest run in a long time and I have been out of the speedwork game!), I was proud of the fact that I didn't stop running. Not even for water! I told myself to keep going, you got this, stay focused, and soon enough I was over the finish line where Ryan was waiting for me, almond croissant in hand. Ahh, yes. It's the little things! So, now I am on the hunt for another 10km run to go after!

While we were in Victoria, I of course had to stop at Lululemon. Before we went, though, we picked up Ryan's sister and went out for brunch. It was so nice to visit, and although Victoria isn't terribly far away, we don't get up there nearly enough to visit. After brunch is when we hit up Lululemon - sorry, wallet!

I picked up three things; they had a deal where if you purchased three regular priced items you got 15% if you should them your TC10K race bib. I don't know often Lululemon does this, but I was in the mood for spending some $$$ on new work out gear!

I picked up the Align crop from the Naked line (I am wearing them right now and they are seriously amazing - so comfortable & it really does feel like you're naked)
 Align Crop

Swiftly Tech short sleeve shirt

And the Swiftly Tech racerback tank top

Once we were done at Lululemon, Ryan & I headed off to Costco to pick up some items we were running low on and for some food items. No pictures to share, but it was the usual toilet paper, paper towel, greens, green smoothies (pack of 2 1L Happy Planet smoothies for $7! Can't go wrong there), rice, chicken, hummus, crackers... That kinda thang!

After coming home and unloading our goodies, we headed to my parents' house for dinner. It was a long day, but it was filled with things I love. Running/breaking a sweat, hanging with loved ones, Lululemon & food. Doesn't take much to make me happy!

This morning's #1 project: washing my make up brushes. I use a natural shampoo (Andalou Naturals) to wash my brushes, then lay them to dry.

Project #2: Get my hair cut! My hair care routine is pretty sporadic in that I don't often get my hair cut. I was due for one though as my ends have been quite dry since getting my hair ombre'd in the fall. I feel much better with a refreshed do!

Before that, I went out for a run and completed 7.3km. My legs were still tired from yesterday's run, but I am trying to reach 60 miles this month so a run had to happen! I am getting there :) Usually my goal would be 100 for the month, but since I have not been consistent with my running and am trying to find my groove again, it was a safer bet to scale the goal down and work my way back again. Slowly but surely!

And finally, today's lunch. I was craving some greens and had a bit of leftover wild rice from this afternoon's meal prepping to use. In the salad it goes! Topped with chickpeas, red pepper & a homemade Hollyhock dressing. Coffee on the side, because why not.

That's all I got for an update today! My sister and I are checking out a Zumba class tonight, so I will report back and let you know how it goes. Until next time!

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