Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Rambles & Current Skincare Favourites

Good afternoon!

We meet again. I had a date with the ol' blog scheduled in my planner today, so I think my New Year's goal (or resolution, if you will), of blogging (and using my planner) more is off to a good start!

Since the last time we chatted, I have been continuing on with my new gym program and kept up with my workouts. This month is turning out to be another busy month, with get togethers, my Brownie group going (indoor) camping, and my wisdom teeth being taken out on Thursday. And work in between. I took the later half of this week off work as I go in Thursday morning to have all four of my wisdom teeth taken out. Many people tell me mixed things about this procedure, but I am trying to go in with an open mind and not expect the worst -- which is usually what I end up doing! So, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be spent resting and recuperating before my regular days off commence on Sunday and Monday. Fortunately, we don't have much planned this weekend other than a whole lotta rest for me!

I will admit this, though. I am a little leery as I will be missing the gym and my regular work outs. I know, right. Such a silly thing to be concerned about when you are literally getting oral surgery. That's a pretty good reason to take some time off! Regardless, I am sure everything will go well and I will look forward to when it is all said and done!

Now onto some fun stuff!

I have always been interested in skincare, so I thought I would share a few of my current favourite products. Some are new, some are old favourites, so hopefully you like them too!

I found this mask on sale at our local community farm store, and I am loving it! Andalou Naturals always produces great products, and this one is no exception. The texture is like pureed pumpkin, and of course it has an orange hue to it. I actually have it on my face now as I type! A bonus: this mask was 50% off on promotion. Can't beat

Celestial is an old standby favourite. I have been using it on and off for years now, and I love the rich, creamy texture. It smells like vanilla and is made with almond milk, so it is gentle on my skin. My skin is very sensitive and prone to redness and dryness, but this moisturizer calms my skin and works well under make up, too. On the other hand, to wipe off my make up, I have been using this cucumber face wipes. They were in one of my stocking's this past Christmas, and so far they do a nice job of removing face make up. I keep these on my dresser near my bed, so the nights where I am too lazy to wash my face (note: every single night, I won't try to make you think otherwise), these are easy to grab and wipe away the day's make up.

Last but not least, the moisturizers I have been using! Side note: these Simple cleaning wipes are also an old standby favourite, as they are so gentle and remove both face and eye make up well. I am not big on cleansers, although I do have one in my shower, as I find cleansing wipes are so much more convenient. Plus, if I have an extra sweaty work out and need to clean myself up after the gym, I can easily toss these in my gym bag and wipe my face clean after I'm done. Voila!

In terms of face moisturizers, I have become a big fan of the Origins brand. I switch between this and the Celestial moisturizer, depending on how dry my skin is feeling that day. The Origins face moisturizer has almost a gel-like texture, so it is extra light on the skin. Similarly, the eye cream is wonderful as well because it keeps the delicate eye area moisturized without being soaked under a thick, heavy cream. When it comes to my skincare, I don't like feeling I have a moisturizer or an eye cream on my skin. I'd rather them soak in so I can carry on, put my make up on, and get out the door. Further, the Origins Night-a-mins cream is super moisturizing and great to put on before bed. Since it is such a thick formula, a little goes a long way!

Moving on... Today's workout was legs!

I like working legs on Mondays. I don't know why, but it's become part of my Monday routine. When Ryan leaves for work, I leave for the gym to get my day started on the right foot. Although I am not feeling 100% (I woke up Sunday morning feeling like a cold was coming on), it felt good to get my heart rate up and sweat. My workout lasted about 45 minutes, and I finished with 15 minutes of high-incline walking on the treadmill. My workouts coupled with my meal plan this last week have made me feel a lot stronger and energized. I am eating six meals a day, which includes a breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and an after dinner snack. Holy food, right? It is hard to feel hungry when your next meal is right around the corner! Monday is also my meal prep day, so after I came home from the gym, checking in with my coach (I am down inches already - yay!), and grocery shopping, I got meals ready for the next two work days. I don't anticipate eating any chicken or veggies once my wisdom teeth are taken out, so I am trying to make the most out of the days I actually have on my plan this week and stay extra organized!

Now, it's time for more tea and rest. I am hoping to kick this before Thursday rolls around!

On that note, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend & a happy Monday. Talk to you all soon!

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