Monday, August 25, 2014

Ta-Ta Tamers, Trails & Trips, Oh My!

Good morning! Who else is sad the weekend is over? This weekend was such a good one. I wish they lasted forever!

Here's a little recap of what I've been up to this weekend. As usual, Saturday was my long run. I took it to the trails to complete 10.1 miles (16.25 km), and added in some road as well to mix it up. I have been enjoying these quiet runs on the trail. Usually I would listen to music while running, but now I find that music just makes me distracted. Do you run with or without music?

Then my sister and I headed up to Nanaimo later on in the day to pick up a birthday present for my dad. Although my dad doesn't regularly read my blog (um, he just mastered YouTube, so small steps), I'm not going to give away the gift just yet. Needless to say I know he will be SO excited, and I'm looking forward to seeing his face on Tuesday night!

Yesterday Ryan and I made some breakfast, hung out, and then headed out for a hike. According to the GPS on my phone, the hike was 6.2 miles, however I must have lost signal along the way because it said we walked a mile in 2 minutes 46 seconds. Somehow I don't think that's possible on a vertical climb!

The views are spectacular, and you can see all over the Cowichan Valley. If you are in the area, I highly suggest you check out this hike! The view from the top is worth it.

Someone didn't want his picture taken. Too bad, no choice!

After the hike, we got cleaned up and my family picked us up. We all ventured to Victoria for the day as an early birthday celebration for my dad. Since the majority of our family is working on his actual birthday, Tuesday, Sunday worked best! We wandered along the harbour, checked out lots of stores, and naturally I had to stop by Lululemon. I have been thinking about getting a new Ta-Ta Tamer for a long time now. A few years ago I ordered one online, used it a few times, and then lost it. Oops. So I finally bit the bullet and bought another one.

And then another one.

I think I am good now. Hopefully that other one I lost will turn up soon!

We ended the evening with a delicious dinner at the Spaghetti Factory, then popped into Chapters to look around before heading home. It was so nice to spend the day with the people I love so much!

A big congratulations to all the runners at the Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon this weekend!

Off to get ready for the day. Have a Happy Monday everyone!

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