Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Butt Sagging, Squattage & You're Fave Strength Training Move

I hope the fitting room associate wasn't wondering what was taking me so long. I was, um, busy trying on clothes, obviously.

Hey, hey, happy Wednesday! Let's chat for a little bit, shall we?

On Monday I decided I needed to buy some new jeans. The pair I had been wearing faithfully were getting loose in all the wrong places (read: saggy butt, saggy crotch, no no no thank you). I'm not sure if squatting in crazy positions had anything to do with the saggage (is that a thing? Let's make it a thing), but needless to say I needed something new in my life! I found two pairs of jeans for a  steal, and now my jean needs have been fulfilled. Bonus: These ones have the perfect amount of stretch for awkward squattage (that's a new thing too). Don't worry; I tested them.

Tuesday after work was gym time! Originally I wanted to hope on the treadmill and get a run in, but all the treadmills were taken except one right next to the stair stepper. My gym has two types of treadmills, one that feels shorter and one that is taller, and of course it was one of the short ones left over. Hmm, I think I'll just lift heavy things for a while.

I completed a full body work out that included everything from glute bridges, planks, bicep curls, bent over rows, oblique bends, shoulder presses, chest presses, dumb bell deadlifts, jump squats... I can't remember the rest, but you get the gist of it!

Then I headed home to celebrate my dad's 50th birthday!

Mr Birthday Dude and his new laptop! He was so thrilled and it was nice to see his reaction. "Is... this what I think it is!?" OH YEAH! He was using my sister's old laptop for the longest time, and the poor thing was missing screws, literally falling apart at the corners and held together with duct tape. He will have so much fun with this gadget!

"Woohoo, I'm 50!" is what he was saying here. Dad, I hope you had a fantastic birthday. We love you so much!

And now we are at today! This week is going by quickly which makes me happy as there is a long weekend ahead. Who doesn't love a three day weekend!? After work, I headed to the gym and got in a 5KM run and a quick strength training session. I focused on upper body mostly and completed back extensions, tricep dips, some core work & some one-legged dumb bell deadlifts. I haven't done one-legged deadlifts in a long time, so I did 3 sets of 5 to kinda re-familiarize myself. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon!

I hope you all are enjoying the week so far and have a good evening!

What's your favourite strength training move?

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