Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Tree Hunting & Red Wine

Saturday morning: Christmas tree hunting at a local tree farm. We found a lovely "Noble Fir" tree that will be getting decorated very soon! It's always fun looking for the tree, and we make it a family event where we all go out. This year we brought the dog too!

Sarah and I went to a local spa in town for their Lipstick Exchange event this afternoon. You could trade in your old lipsticks for $$$ credit, and the lipsticks were 50% off! We got some goodies, and I am excited about this new-to-me line. I used it this evening and so far, so good. I am in the process of changing my skincare and make up products to those that aren't full of harmful chemicals. This actually makes me wear less make up which in turn has been proven to be much better for my skin. Funny how that happens when your face isn't swimming in gunk!

Sorry for the blurry pictures. That's the iPhone camera for ya (mind you, I'm still back in the stone age with my iPhone 4S. Yeah, yeah). This gift set comes with some mini sizes of the red wine line, but I can see them lasting a while because you don't need huge dollops to get nice coverage on your skin. Plus it smells super yummy and who doesn't love red wine!?

After our little outing I came back home and went for a 10KM run. I am trying to stick to around 30 or so miles a week, and even though I am over my goal of 1000 miles for 2013, I don't want to stop my Run Every Day in December Challenge! If I've come this far then I can go to the end, right? Plus it has been something for me to look forward to every day, getting the miles in.

And that brings me to here. Actually I've been here for a good portion of the night.

 Christmas movies, tea & Oreo snuggles. She has since abandoned me for her food, and I have switched Elf for Sex & the City now. All this laying around is making me sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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