Sunday, October 27, 2013

Shawnigan-Kinsol Half Marathon 2013 - RECAP!

Hey party people! Eleven days ago I published my last blog post... TERRIBLE! How mean of me. You guys have been waiting in suspense to see pictures of A) my cat B) my dog C) myself D) all of the above. Have no fear. I have something different than that on the blog today, because I ran another half marathon!

So, let's talk about the race. I ran the Shawnigan-Kinsol Half Marathon last year, so the course was familiar to me. With only two weeks between the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Half Marathon and today's event, I didn't have a lot of time to get in a bunch of quality workouts in before I had to taper again. And let me tell you: I did that all wrong. Or rather, I did it in an unfavourable way. Basically I ran twice during the first week after Victoria, and did a 10 mile long run this past Wednesday. Normally I would've done this race on the weekend, but that was cut short after feeling super sick two miles in. ANYWAY, I didn't do as many hills as I should've, and I'm not in peak PR'ing status right now, but I had so much fun nonetheless!

As always, a note to myself to do hill training. And no, sporadic hill training doesn't cut it when there's something like four hills right off the bat, and then another four towards the finish line. Who makes the finish line after a bunch of hills? And slightly on a hill? WHO!? I'd like to have a word with you (or maybe just tears... or not at all because I dislike confrontation).

I ended up running this race with a gentleman from the gym I work at. Our team dressed up as zombies (sorry, I will find pictures and share them with you later!). I paced him to a two hour finish, and it was super cool running alongside someone and keeping an eye (like a HAWK) on the watch. We started fueling at the 10km mark with Honey Stinger chews (I think they could be a new addition to my fuel rotation!) and stopped at three water stations for water and Gatorade.

We ran on the road for the first 5k, then hit the Trans Canada Trail and linked up to the Kinsol Trestle (pictured above). It is an out and back course, so right around the 15km mark we turned around and went back over the trestle. Around the 17km mark we headed back onto the road towards the finish line. And towards some more hills. Damn you, Shawnigan Lake and your rolling hill roads! Ya kill me! Some of them were pretty steep too, and the one right before the finish line did me in. Once I hit the downside I just powered through towards the finish line, because I knew there was water and then FOOD. Like chocolate ;)

Will run for chocolate

Overall, I really do like this race. I wore my usual black spandex running shorts, some Running Room knee-high compression socks (hallelujah, my calves aren't sore!), and layered my Goodlife Fitness Victoria Half shirt under my Snap Fitness shirt. Represent, yo. It was gorgeous weather, and I look forward to this race again next year!

And this happened. Why change your socks with the rest of your clothes? And good news - I know my left and rights ;)

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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  1. That's the most amazing running trail I've ever seen!