Monday, October 28, 2013

Shake Out Run & Lululemon Lust-List

The day after a half marathon I almost always take the day off to stretch, foam roll, ice, and relax. However, after hanging out with Marley for the majority of the morning, my legs were feeling restless. I decided I'd take him out for a bit and see how I felt, and surprisingly my legs just wanted to keep going. Obviously I didn't run another half marathon, but I ran 4.1 miles (a mile more than I had semi-"planned" in my head once I realized I wasn't super sore). It was the perfect distance to shake my legs out and keep them moving. Gotta flush that lactic acid out!

After stretching and foam rolling (I showered too FYI. I'm not that gross), I whipped up a quick lunch. I always like having scrambled eggs after a run (NOT BEFORE, that is death), so I made some veggie scrambled eggs to refuel. And to curb that sweet tooth I get after a meal, I decided an apple was probably better than Halloween candy. Oh, wait. We have no Halloween candy because me and the fam at it on Saturday. Derp. Out of sight, out of mind ;) And good news! I am icing right now as I type up this post. Recovery at its finest.

I also wanted to share a little wish list of mine with you. It's not cheap, but what can you expect when everything is from Lululemon, right? Parental units, take note for Christmas.

Dog Runner Pant: I have shorts and running tights, but it would be nice to have some actual pants that can double as casual pants during the day.

Rest Less Tank: Can't go wrong with a lightweight tank top. Perfect for indoor running or for the warmer fall days outside!

Can't Stop Jacket: I love love love love love loooooove running jackets because they are so versatile! I love how this one has soft fabric cuffs that have thumb holes, and the length is perfect.

Full Tilt Long Sleeve: I love how this looks like a comfy sweater. The detailing in the back is super cute, so you could definitely wear this on a rest day just hanging out. There's some cute ruffle detailing by the shoulder seams, and it has a hidden pocket that you can put a gel or car key in.

What are you currently wanting to add to your workout wardrobe?

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