Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Live & Learn & Try & Fail

Hey party people!

How's your Wednesday going so far?

I've been puttering around, not doing too much, as I have late afternoon & evening plans. It's nice to have almost the whole day to do whatever you want!

Since I had some extra time on my hands, I got off my butt and headed outside for some fresh air. Fresh air in the form of a run, I mean.

Since the half marathon on Sunday my legs have been SO sore. They haven't been as bad as my first half marathon, but there is definitely a lingering stiffness in my left hamstring. I wanted to shake out that feeling and get my muscles moving, so a short run it was. The past few days have been spent in compression socks, to say the least, but now I think I'm back on the healthy legs wagon - just in time for another half marathon on the 27th!

I took an old familiar route and ended up turning down a street that looked like it could be fun. Because roads can look fun when they are a giant downhill, but when that road is a dead end and you have to go back up, you feel like you have made a bad decision. A very painful one.

The view from up top. It felt like this hill kept going and going, so I started to walk towards the very top. I don't want to push right off the bat since I am still a bit sore from Sunday! 

Today's run: 3.25 miles, 27:52
Mile 1: 8:39
Mile 2: 8:31
Mile 3: 8:36
.250: 8:24

Average pace:

I followed my run with some stretching outside, then 30 stability ball wall squats and 10 stability ball roll out, push up & tuck (tuck your legs in to target your lower abs/back). Lately I have been forgetting about core work (read: I have been too lazy to take the time to do a one minute plank), so I am adding it back into the routine. Can't hurt!

Too bad I didn't have that kind of consistency on Sunday! Oh well. Live and learn and try and fail and try again and kick ass ;)

Have a super day!

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