Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fur Babies, Fartleks & Friday Fun

Rewind to Thursday: 7 miles, progressively getting faster.

Friday morning:

Fall candles, coffee, list making (are you a list maker, too?), and breakfast. I am going through a phase of unemployment right now, so I am definitely welcoming the break while I figure out what the next step is. My biggest issue with finding the perfect job is applying to places I would actually enjoy working at. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes I find myself on the job hunt and applying for jobs that are simply "okay" in my eyes, and those are the ones that generally go through a ton of employees because everyone who applies has that attitude. Y'know? This time around I am being more selective in my search, and fingers crossed that this process pays off (literally) this time!

Friday was also filled with running! Of course. Healthy Living Holly wouldn't be the same without it. 

I jumped on the treadmill with eight miles in mind. Of course, eight miles turned into nine, and the time literally flew by. I didn't do anything crazy with my pace or hills on this run. Sometimes a simple run is just what your mind and body needs to feel refreshed again.

Oh, and pajamas. It's never too early to bring out the fleece Christmas themed pajama pants! In fact, these puppies made a debut in the summer, too. Call me crazy, but it's the holidays year-round in my house. Perhaps I should start counting down until Christmas!

(87 days, in case you were wondering)

I also made an appearance at my mom & dad's house yesterday, as per usual. It's nice that they live close, so I can see my fur baby number two, Marley! Or as I like to call him, Merlin. Who knows. I don't get it either. On another note, does anyone else's voice go 10 octaves higher when they see an animal? I sound like a chipmunk inhaled helium when I see Marley or Oreo. Of course, Marley was extra sleepy on this rainy Friday, so I took it as an opportunity for some snuggles and snaps, including the beauty above of him mid-yawn. I get everyone at their best angles.

Finally, today!

Oreo was super tired after her tempo run on the treadmill, so she took a little breather and stretched it out.

Or rather, Oreo loves laying on the treadmill after I'm done running, because it is warm and she can roll all over it. I completed 7 miles with 5 x half mile hill repeats thrown into the mix. This was a fantastic way to bust through boredom, because as soon as I was done recovering, it was time to work again! I have a feeling my calves are going to be sore tomorrow, so I should probably get on that foam rollin' business and maybe even ice the ol' hammies.

Hope you guys are having a stellar weekend so far! Don't let the rain dampen your spirits. Unless it's sunny where you are, in which case keep on soakin' up that vitamin D.

And for some weekend humor...

Better check your shorts, mister!

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