Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Obsession & Two Week Strategy

Another rainy Sunday adventure to Nanaimo. They are becoming quite the usual thing around here, but that's totally okay by me! While B was at work I headed off to visit the fam, and we all drove up to the mall. One thing about frequenting a place like the mall is that there's not a ton of new stuff. You see the same things over and over again, but one thing I like about that is the PROMOTIONS change! Hooray!

I especially like when the Bath & Body Works promotions switch around so you can get more for your moolah. Hey, now that I'm unemployed (grumble grumble) I gotta watch what I buy. Candles are totally practical though, right?

Right! The power was flickering earlier tonight, so I'm prepared in case of an outage. See, thinking ahead.

The three candles in the back are the newest additions. B&BW is having a 3 for $22 or 5 for $30 promotion on their small candles and mason jar candles. So, I picked out three, then my mom and sister each found one.

When I got home I had a 7 mile run to complete. This morning I figured I would start running around 10AM, but then Nanaimo and Bath & Body Works happened soo... Had to push that later. I took this run super easy considering I did a decently tough (is that even a thing? I'm making it a thing) hill work out yesterday and my hamstrings were a tid bit sore. And something wonderful happened after my run! I did yoga and foam rolled! I haven't foam rolled in way too long (if you can't pin-point when you did something, it's been too long), so I focused on my IT bands and quads to make sure my muscles would recover quickly! Nothing worse than tight IT bands and then risking injury, so. Nipped that in the bud. Is that the right saying?

This past week in running workouts. I have definitely been enjoying this higher mileage. One thing I would change, however, is foam rolling after each run. If I skimp on my stretching routine, I notice almost immediately that my legs feel heavier and more stiff. Next week is my last week of training runs before the Victoria Half Marathon on October 13th, so I want it to be another good one filled with lots of stretching, foam rolling, icing & fueling properly before tapering begins.

Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend!

Anybody race? How'd it go!?

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