Friday, September 27, 2013

5 Running Blogs YOU Should Follow

Happy Friday, friends! I wanted to share with you some of the running-related blogs that I read. So, without further ado, let's jump right into it!

Note: No particular order. They're all number one ;)

SkinnyRunner: Not only is she hilarious, she's a coffee lover and a marathoning machine. Seriously. Girl is speedy! SR was one of the first running related blogs I started to read when I began my running journey. Plus, she has lots of blog posts that focus on different tips and tricks for running, fueling, etc, and offers readers a glimpse into her California life through lots of pictures.

Run Eat Repeat: Monica is super down to earth, funny, and an all-around cool blogger. She loves her some half marathons (and fulls!), which is motivating for me since the half is my favourite distance. On her blog you can find anything from watermelon margarita recipes to video blogs about frequently asked questions she gets and tips for running. Always entertaining, always fun! Plus her cat Vegas is adorable. Vegas and Oreo would be good friends, I think.

Hungry Runner Girl: If you guys think I love candy, check out Janae's blog. Every food picture she posts is bursting with deliciousness, and the girl loves candy and running as much as I do. She is fast, fast, fast! And her daughter is absolutely gorgeous. Janae is so down to earth, and reading her blog is like talking to your best friend. She is always so open to hearing from her readers, and there's lots of fun features on her blog too like interviews with running pros!

Loving on the Run: I recently started reading Sara's blog, Loving on the Run, and I am hooked! Sara is bustin' her butt for her big BQ next spring, and it is wonderful to read her training recaps and daily posts along the journey. There is always something you can relate to on LOTR, and Sara makes running look fun and easy, even when she's done a speedy long run and a million other things during her day. She serves as good motivation when I just want to stay on the couch!

Pavement Runner: So besides being featured in big running magazines such as Runner's World Magazine, Brian has made a big name for himself online through his blog Pavement Runner. He is SO motivating, I tell you! When I don't want to do a 5 mile run, I come across one of his tweets saying he ran 38 miles to celebrate a friend's birthday. Um, hello, best friend ever. Brian runs everything from 5ks to ultras, with fun events like Disney themed races (you bet he's wearing a costume) in between. Bonus, you will find tons of great music and playlists on his blog to help keep you pumped up!

Run, don't walk, and check them all out now!

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Awesome. Thanks for including me on such a great list. All of my motivation and inspiration comes from the community as well and I'm glad to hear that I am a part of reciprocating it. Keep running strong!

    1. you're so welcome! thank you for stopping by and checking it out :) you're an inspiration!