Monday, August 12, 2013

Vancouver Adventure Part 2- Video + Lululemon SEAWHEEZE!

Yeah, so that happened on the way. Gotta love how you look from a side angle with last night's make up and no sleep, hey? ;) The things I do for my blog.

Tons of clever signs like the one above along the route. However, cyclists were particularly mad that the running route cut across their path. Oh, I did not hear the end of it since I was standing RIGHT BY THE PATH telling cyclists they'd have to wait for a break in the stream of 10,000 runners. Yeah, they are aggressive.

Walking through Yaletown to the meeting area for course marshals. Nice morning for a run! It wasn't super hot (although I was smart and brought one pair of pants and three pairs of shorts), and the rain stayed away. Woohoo!

Officially a SeaWheeze 2013 crew member. We also received a SeaWheeze reusable tote bag (like the ones you get from the store) filled with things like snack pouches of pistachios, a chocolate Vega vibrancy granola bar (super tasty!), course map, water bottle, etc.

Lululemon also supplied shirts for the volunteers! I absolutely love it. It is a bit longer (unless I just got a bigger size), not super form fitted but not a tent either, and has a cute mermaid on it for the ladies. Check it out below:

Pictured with an Inukshuk at the bottom of the hill (which was a downhill for those lucky runners).

The Lululemon SeaWheeze 1st place finisher, Zach Cater-Cyker, who finished in 1:11:48. Yeah, no big deal. I need to speed up if he's going to be there next year!

The next group of runners who followed soon after Zach

My only issue: This speed bump was hard to point out to runners. There were a lot of speed bump casualties as the bump looks flat as you approach it, so we were literally shouting at people, "SPEED BUMP! WATCH FOR THE SPEED BUMP!" And used construction flags and a pylon to notify them of the hazard. 

Overall, I REALLY WANT TO RUN THIS RACE NEXT YEAR! Ah! As I stood there cheering people on, it made me so thankful for both being a runner and a volunteer. I always make a point of saying thank you to volunteers when I am at races, and it warmed my heart how many thank-yous I received from people running by, how many big smiles, thumbs up and waves. Knowing what it's like on both sides of the race makes me glad that I am part of the awesome running community.

After the race I wandered up Davies St to find the infamous rainbow crosswalks. And I succeeded!

Mission accomplished!

I ended up catching a lunch time boat on Sunday back (fortunately my water bottle did NOT fall in a toilet this time), so there wasn't much time (or extra cash) for shopping. I did pick up two pairs of shorts though which I will recap in another post in case you guys want to check them out! :)

Hope you had an awesome weekend!

Have you ever volunteered for a race? If so, which one?

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