Thursday, August 15, 2013

REVIEW: Lululemon Fast Track Short + Being Frustrated

Tuesday was cheap night at the movie theatre, and since I haven't been to see a movie in FOREVER (when did This is 40 come out? That was the last time - months ago), the fam jam and I headed to Nanaimo and watched Grown Ups 2. We arrived at the theatre nearly an hour early, so we wandered to Chapters and browsed around. I can't go to Chapters without buying SOMETHING, so I picked up the cute owl notebook and the latest edition of LouLou magazine. I admit, I don't purchase magazines as much as I used to, but I will always have a soft spot for LouLou. Besides, it is a Canadian magazine and features lots of stores just across the pond in Vancouver. It's cool to see familiar stores in there AND clothing that's not a bajillion dollars out of my (small) budget, a la Vogue.

Anyway! I read LouLou while Tweetin' away and drinking coffee. Multitasking at its finest.

Over the weekend when I was in Vancouver I picked up a pair of Lululemon's Fast Track Shorts. I wanted to do a little review on them.

I tried these on before and did not like them whatsoever. However, I sized up in them and they fit a lot better and were more comfortable.

- They are compression shorts, so they fit tighter so they don't ride up (I will touch on that in a minute)
- They are a decent length
- Nice pocket on the side to fit a gel, key, etc.
- Waistband doesn't dig in

- Even after sizing up, they still RIDE UP. This is my biggest pet peeve ever. The compression-ness of the shorts doesn't exactly work when you are moving and running and suddenly tugging at your crotch because your shorts don't want to stay put. This is so lady like in the gym and on the road, don'tcha think!? Right.
- They ride up
- They ride up
- They ride up
- Oh, did I mention that they ride up?

I can see these not riding up if you have zero fat on your thighs, but since I run some hills here and there and do my squats, my thighs aren't exactly stick thin (and that's perfectly cool with me).

NOW, I don't mean to be a negative Nancy about these shorts, because you can use them for other functions. Although I won't be running in them, unfortunate because that's what they are "meant" for, I can see myself doing yoga and other activities in them instead.

Overall, these shorts score a 6/10, at best.

This is me after changing into my usual shorts. Happy camper in those bad boys.

Now I want to touch on something quickly here.

I have ran twice this month. This is not good for me. This is not my usual ways of doing things. This is not a little break that I am enjoying. It makes me incredibly frustrated and I'm going to share something that happened yesterday (not life changing or earth shattering, FYI) that makes me even more frustrated.

While at the gym testing out those Lululemon shorts, I ran a single mile that was full of intense lower back pain. It felt like there was a giant claw inside of me that kept pinching and pinching to the point where I was limping when I slowed down to a walk. What gives, body? It's the first time this has happened (mind you, only my second run of the month. Shame on me), but it makes me MAD because I wanted double digit miles yesterday considering I had the day off and TIME for once to do that. Needless to say, I stopped running, walked a bit and then went on the elliptical. The elliptical does not replace running in my eyes. It is a hell of a lot easier, but it's one way for me to maintain my fitness while I am dealing with this. I am crossing my fingers and toes so hard to the point of losing circulation (am I being dramatic yet?) that this is only temporary and possibly caused from lack of sleep + working a physical job + stress, so hopefully that's it and nothing more. Strange for things to pop up like that without any notice. The least my back could do is write me a letter in advance that way I have time to prepare, right?

Anyway, I am mulling over the idea of going for a run tomorrow since I gave myself (more) rest today. One day I will find a good routine again. One day!

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