Friday, August 9, 2013

Adventures in Vancouver: Part ONE (Including a Toilet Incident... Derp)

Hey everyone! I am currently blogging from the comfort of Starbucks/Chapters on Robson St. in  Vancouver. Why am I here? When did this happen!?

1. It's just for the weekend (don't worry... Island girl through and through)
2. I came over this afternoon
3. I am volunteering for the Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon tomorrow! I am a course marshal (who gets some free swag (Oh, I went there), too. Wooh!)

So, this is how my trip started off. While in the bathroom carrying my giant ass backpack with my water bottle tucked in the side, this happened...

Yup, and of course my first instinct was, Hey, let's take a picture of this hilarious fail so I can put it on my blog! Everyone will LOVE IT!

And then I had to fish it out and suddenly the funny fiasco became gross. Juuuust gross.

So, after the ferry ride I hopped on the bus, and HOLD UP ONE SECOND. When did the bus become FOUR DOLLARS!? I wouldn't call myself old by any means, but back in my day (like last year when I used to live here across the pond), I am 100% sure it was cheaper. Or I was in denial and didn't bus much. Anyway. I took the bus downtown and browsed around some stores. Bonus: I didn't buy ANYTHING. Except for a Starbucks drink (and they actually spelled my name correctly. None of this HAWLEY or PAULY junk. Come on).

I ventured to Holt Renfrew (ahhh, I miss the days I worked there!) and drooled over some shoes. Christian Louboutin, I love you. I cannot afford you, but I will kindly take donations in the form of those bad ass spiked heels. Or any for that matter.

I wandered down to the Vancouver Convention Centre where Lululemon was having their package pick up and Seawheeze pop up shop. I didn't take pictures of the pop up shop, but I did capture a few Instagram videos outside/on my way there. Check them out HERE! Don't be afraid to follow me either ;)

And since I haven't heard enough about this "Brandy Melville" store via YouTube, I had to check it out for myself.

I described this store to my sister in the following way:

"It was SO busy in there and so small! It's like Forever21 rolled in a shit ton of floral prints and then got an acid wash spray tan and then went out with an indie rocker boy and borrowed all his denim and snap backs."

It smelled like teen girl spirit, that's for sure. And some of the things were pretty pricy for the amount of holes in them! I mean, don't knock it til you try it, but the fact that everyone in the store looked exactly. the. same. Makes me want to run far, far away. Like half marathon distance (or full marathon) away.

HOWEVER. I will admit that the accessories are rather cute. On the same note, I could find them elsewhere because they are all trendy pieces.

That was kind of an impromptu first impression on the store, hey?

Anyway, so just a quick post while I am taking a break from carting my back pack around and waiting for my phone to charge. iPhones never cease to amaze me with their horrible battery life. Does anyone else feel this way?

Are you running the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon tomorrow!? Anyone racing this weekend? Let me know in a comment!

Oh, and what's your favourite Starbucks drink?
I am a caramel machiatto girl through and through (hot or over ice), but I also love me a frap!

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  1. a true blogger takes pictures of the water bottle that has dropped in the have to make sure you document that!! lol