Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Trail Runs, Pizza & Spa Days

Monday's solo trail run. It was a slightly cloudy day, but the temps were in the low 20's and it felt surprisingly warm. It was nice seeing some sunshine come through on my way back along the trail. Bonus: only a tiny bit of pack pain, ranking maybe a 3 out of 10, and that was following a steep uphill climb. 

Here's a nice sideways view of a long hill climb.

The best thing about going up hills is that you get to fly down hills, too! 

It was a beautiful day to be out on the trail, and I must say I am addicted to this area. I have ran here twice this week, and although I have to drive (all of 10 minutes) to get there, it is well worth it. Plus my parents live by, so I can refuel there. I mean, I can visit and spend quality time with them.

On that refueling note, a couple friends and I went out for pizza last night at a farm. Or something. It's hard to describe. Basically the farm hosts events like weddings, etc, but they also have a wood fire oven (is that what it's called? Let's go with yes) that they cook the pizza in. It was a gorgeous place, that's for sure!

Very Pinterest-chic flowers on each of the tables. These were leftover from a wedding reception, I believe. Each table had their own arrangement and there was a cedar arch way further in the field where the wedding must have taken place.

I didn't snap a picture of the menu, but I opted for The Farmer's pizza. It was absolutely amazing, and I am thankful for my leftovers awaiting me in the fridge. So. TASTY!

Everything on their menu is either homemade or a local ingredient. The pizzas are made fresh to order, so there's no gross preservatives keeping them alive while they sit in a fridge all day.

The Farmer's pizza consisted of:

Mozzarella cheese, goat cheese (my favourite!), artichoke hearts (my second favourite!), sweet peppers, and cherry tomatoes.

I left with a full belly and ready for some Oreo snuggles when I got home. 

Only she was already asleep on the couch. Does anyone else's cat take up a whole couch seat when they decide to have a nap? Oreo is the queen of You-ain't-havin'-this-spot. Such a diva, I tell you.

Yesterday while I was hangin' out with my sister, I needed to do something to keep myself occupied while she straightened her hair. So, I painted my nails. We are such beauty inclined siblings. Har har (that was a joke FYI). Note: This is a picture of my left hand and not my disastrous right hand. I don't know what happened there but you ain't seein' that.

Then I had a 3:00 appointment at the spa yesterday afternoon. I purchased an "Island Daily Deal" which is similar to Groupon and ended up receiving a 90 minute hot coconut facial and massage. Incidentally this turned out to be two hours, because I actually worked with the esthetician at a previous job & I think we got carried away chit chatting near the end of the service. Usually I'm not a talker, and I made sure to keep my mouth shut during the facial at the risk of getting goop in my mouth, but when the appointment is winding down I don't mind chatting a bit.

Anyway, it was absolute bliss! My right shoulder was SO tense and could literally hear and feel it crackling as my muscles finally loosened up. Needless to say my shoulder feels one hundred times better today!

Then when I got home I had a little bowl of Kashi cereal and almond milk to tide myself over until dinner.

Quinoa veggie bowl with feta cheese! It was super tasty and super filling...
...Although I still had room to go for froyo with B after dinner. I can't say no to that!

Hope you are all having a good start to the week! Happy Wednesday!

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  1. My cat is the same way-if I get up he'll take my spot. And of course cats have priority; I'm not going to move him!