Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Stop Being So LAZY Workout

On Tuesday I was having a serious case of the lazies. For the month of July all of my long runs were taking place on Tuesdays, but after running errands in the morning, taking bottles back to the depot and lots of driving in between, I didn't feel like running for ~2 hours. So, after plopping my butt down on the couch and aimlessly scrolling through pages on the Internet, I decided I needed to DO something to sweat. Even just a little bit! I needed something to bust my boredom, so I came up with this circuit workout.

So, that was fun! I threw in one minute bursts of cardio to keep my heart rate elevated. On the same note, I also didn't take a TON of rest breaks between moves. I did "super sets," you could say, of the moves, that way I was always moving and still getting a bit of a cardio workout in. Of course, some tunes courtesy of Songza helped keep my workout upbeat - always good motivation!

I know I have been seriously slackin' on my Beauty Tuesday posts! Instead of putting together a workout on Tuesday I should've been putting together a post, hey? Unfortunately, the thing with my beauty routine is that there isn't really one. I use the same products all the time, so it's a matter of finding ways to put different spins on them. I don't want to be showing you guys the same products every week! I also don't want to be buying too many things that I will never use, so. I will find a solution to that little dilemma one day - like next Tuesday. I'm going to hold myself to it!

Anyway, this was just a quick post as I was excited to share this little workout with you guys. Plus if I waited too long, it would probably never have gone up, sooo, yeah! There's that.

Have a great evening peeps!

Do you like circuit workouts? Which "moves" are your favourite(s)?

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