Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beauty Tuesday is BACK!

Ten thousand years later, and I am back with another Beauty Tuesday post! I mentioned before that I didn't want to do one without having anything to say, but now I have something to say. Many somethings, in fact, and I even have some new goodies to show you.

Disclaimer: I didn't purchase these JUST to have blog post material. There was a sale at the Rexall drugstore and naturally, because I am an impulsive female who is intrigued by discounts and also cute packaging, I had to take part in this sale and spend moolah on shtuuuuffff I don't need. WOOHOO!

Top picture:

Live Clean Argan Oil shampoo: Er ma gerd. My sister had this in her shower mooonths ago (still does), so of course I tried it when I was there. I was hooked from the first use, and when I saw it on sale (why did it take me so long to buy this? Me no know) I jumped at the chance to add it to my own collection. Did I just purchase some shampoo last month? Yes. Do I have an unused bottle of shampoo awaiting the moment I finally use it sitting on my bathroom shelf? Yes. What can I say? I'm a sucker. It leaves your hair so, so, so silky soft and is not formulated with gross things like sulfates and parabens. Winning!

Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusions deodorant in coconut something or other. Good thing I'm specific with names, huh? This baby was a whopping $2. I think I can afford that alongside my car payment. Gotta stay fresh to death.

Revlon Nearly Naked Powder in I have no tan at all and am super pale despite the summer heat. I mean, 020 Light. This is a repurchase - seriously love this stuff to death. It is smooth, glides on your skin and doesn't make you look like a powder-puff cake face. Plus it was on sale for $2 cheaper than it usually is, and since I hit pan (read: since I only had a small ring of powder around the edges) on my last one, I had to buy it again. HAD TO. No excuse not to.

Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Light Rose: Super natural, not overly shimmery/sparkly, very flattering for all skin types in my opinion. It does come with a small brush in the package (I took it out as you can tell - not a fan of the thin flat brushes that often come with these products), but I apply this with a fluffy blush brush. You can build up the colour depending on how "dramatic" of a cheek you want, but a few swipes will definitely do the trick.

It's not too often that I see Essie polishes on for half off, so I jumped at the chance to pick up these two beauties. I've been eyeing them up for a while, and once they were on sale I couldn't say no!

Left: Sole Mate (a deep, wine-ish purple colour) and Big Spender (a dark hot pink/purple).

Woohoo! Beauty Tuesday was a success. I always enjoy finding good products at even better prices at the drugstore. Lately I find that the drugstore is a little more expensive than what I think drugstore prices should be. Does anyone else feel this way?

Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend! I had the day off today & had a fabulous beach day with my mom and sister. Stay tuned for that blog post tomorrow!

What's the most expensive "drugstore" product you have purchased?

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