Friday, August 16, 2013

Keeping Positive + Abs n Arms Workout for YOU!

This afternoon I put on my running gear and headed outside. It was a gloomy morning and afternoon, and while the sun comes out sporadically, it wasn't a perfect summer day by any means. On the same note, it was perfect weather for running. I didn't have to layer up and could wear a short sleeved shirt and shorts. Fall weather is coming up soon (I LOVE fall running!), but for now I can run about without a jacket. And I am loving that at the moment.

Now, this run wasn't ground breaking. It wasn't the double digit run I wanted for today (nor was Wednesday), but it was SOMETHING. I ran for 10 minutes with little to no lower back pain, but as soon as I stopped, that's when the pain really hit me. Then another thought hit me: Does anyone else feel extra achy when gloomier than usual weather hits? I just find it so strange that these aches are coming up unexpectedly. I see some Googling in my near future (self-diagnosis? I could be so off).  And I also see a massage in my future, so that will be the best thing! When I finally book it, of course. It does expire on September 30th after all (note: I purchased a "Groupon" like coupon from a site called Daily Deals. Check it out if you live on Vancouver Island! Lots of local gems).

Anyway, I walked home with a slight twinge in my back and tried running a few steps here and there, but I am not stupid and pushing myself to do more than I should would be plain crazy. No matter how frustrated I am right now, I am trying to stay positive and be thankful that this is only temporary and will be over sooner than I think. I am trying to stay positive and be thankful that I can even run for ten minutes straight without crying. I should be thankful that I even have LEGS that allow me to run!

Listen to me. Two days with this "setback" we'll call it, and I make it sound like I've been ridden with this HORRIBLE injury that has taken years to recover from. Drama queen. Who, me!?

Anyway, it's all about trying. After my "run" I put together a workout that targets your abs and arms!

For clarification:

R means right side, L means left side
"Crab" tricep dips: You know in elementary school when you'd have to crab walk across the floor? Similar idea here where you support yourself on your feet and hands.
"Extended" side plank: Rather than supporting yourself on your elbow like the first set of side planks, support yourself on a flat hand and raise your other arm in the air. Both arms should be stretched.

*Keep your abs in tight! Nobody wants saggy abs goin' through the motions. This will also support your lower back and keep your posture correct.

I am off to grab a snack! I'm hoping to create some kinda protein smoothie. We shall see what conjures up in the kitchen. Happy Friday, friends!

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