Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beach Day Adventures + Return to Running

Yesterday my mom, Sarah, and I ventured off to Coombs and Parksville to check out the market, goats on the roof, and the beach!

Outfit of the day: Tank top courtesy of my lovely sister, Walmart bathing suit top underneath (and I lost my bathing suit bottoms somewhere... So, yeah, no swimming), shorts from Forever 21.

Just hangin' out with Buddha and me seesta in Coombs. It was my first time going here (that I remember, anyway), and it was really cool! Lots of cute little shops to look at, so be prepared for a ton of pictures coming up!

Sarah is obsessed with owls and also quite cute.

This store had TONS of cool home decor and garden things. If only I had a house and a yard of my own! One day, one day.

After browsing around in Coombs we went to find some lunch. PS, the goats on the roof were hiding today if you were wondering why there are no pictures of them. Because you totally were.

Anyway, back to the food. The delicious food!

Avo's is on the main drag out of downtown Parksville. It is a small restaurant with modern decor and a seriously amazing menu. They have everything from salads, sandwiches, burgers, entrees, appies, etc. Bonus: healthy food, decently priced, absolutely delicious, and they have gluten free options as well (that aren't, you-have-to-pay-an-arm-and-a-leg-for-this-gluten-free-dish).

Our server brought us over some chips and salsa to munch on while we were waiting for our lunch. The salsa was seriously the bomb diggity (yeah, bringin' that one back), and not too spicy. Very fresh tasting and most likely homemade. I am guessing here but it didn't taste like store bought salsa. Too fresh fo dat.

I opted for the Island sandwich which had a house-made salmon patty (shredded carrot, chives, wild rice), mixed greens, cucumber, and some kind of delicious beat salsa kinda stuff on it? I don't know, but it was like a party in my mouth. You had the option of soup or roasted potatoes on the side, and since I love me some carbs, I went with the roasted potatoes. Lightly seasoned, not too greasy, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Ahhhh. I wonder if they'd deliver to me? I'm only like, an hour and a half away... Heh. It was SO hard picking what to eat! They had this amazing salad with pear and salmon and ughhhhhhh. I am getting hungry again just talking about it.

After lunch, we went to le beach! Wheeee for sand and sun! :)
Check out these amazing sandcastles:

For all you Bridesmaids fans out there, this sandcastle reminds me of when Annie is at work and her boss asks to see her love is eternal face. "No... It looks like you have menstrual cramps." That's what this sandcastle woman's face reminds me of.

At the risk of being a show off, I chose not to contribute to this sandcastle contest.

Haaaaah. My artistic and creative abilities go no further than the good ol' stick man. Case in point:

Note my Louis Vuitton purse. One day, one day.

OH! And after our beach adventure I went to the gym. To my pleasant surprise, my treadmill is no longer out of order. I say "my" like the thing belongs to me, but alas, I am treadmill-less in my own home. Why did I take nearly a week hiatus from running? Who knows. I am lazy, that time of the month happens and I have been STRESSED. Ah, stress. My old friend. Go away and never come back. While running would've made me feel better, I just moped at home and... That's about it. Wallowed away in self pity. Poor me, poor me, ow my body.

ANYWAY. I ran 4.3 miles on the treadmill and followed that by some upper body work in the form of bicep curls, chest presses, rows, etc. I did a tiny bit of abs too but nothing too crazy. I haven't "trained abs" much at all in July, so I figure a plank here and there and some core work certainly won't hurt. You know, if I want to stay upright while running it could be a good idea.

Alright! Well that was an incredibly long and winded recap of yesterday! Hope you all have a happy Wednesday & I will catch ya later :)

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