Sunday, June 2, 2013

Victoria Goddess Run: Half Marathon Review + Extras

5:15AM: Alarm wakes me up
I literally jolted up from my sleep and started to get ready. It's funny how I can sleep through regular training runs, but when it's race day, I am up at the buttcrack of dawn. I suppose that's what happens when you commit! Anyway, the day started with my usual pre-race meal of two whole wheat pieces of toast with natural peanut butter and a medium banana, sliced. I drank some water as well rather than coffee, as I already have a nervous stomach on race day, and I didn't need coffee in my system to get me extra jittery!

Mom, Sarah and I headed out around 6:25AM to drive to Langford (just before Victoria for all of you non-island folk). Although their 5KM race didn't start until 9:45AM, the half marathon start was at 8:00AM. We got there with lots of time to spare and to use the bathroom before the line ups started to get too massive.

We started running up a slight slope, and it was (mostly) up hill from there. While the race had it's share of straight stretches, around the 7.5KM mark there was a HUGE hill that felt like it wouldn't stop until it reached the moon. I made it nearly to the top, though I did stop to walk until the crest of the hill where I could run down it. The joys of running up hill is that you get to run down them. Oh, but wait. If it's an out and back course, that means I STILL have to run up the big ass hill to make it down the other side.

Note to self: Train for hills!

I am definitely good for rolling slopes, we'll call them. I can run, and run, and run for quite a while, but put a giant hill in front of me and my body is like. What the hell is going on!? Anyway, while I didn't make a personal best time or anything (I blame the hills and my lack of training on hills), it was a GORGEOUS day! Seriously. After all the doom and gloom as of late, it was so refreshing to have a HOT sunny day for once! And it was perfect for running :)

As far as fueling during the race, this is kinda what I did (just wingin' it):

Stopped each water station after the 10K ---> Note: Get used to running with my hydration belt. This would have been so much more convenient. I just need to find a way that KEEPS it around my waist! The honky tonk badonky donk shimmies it up.

Took two gels ---> I remember having my vanilla Power Bar gel around mile 8 and thinking to myself, "Wow, this tastes like a white freezie! Better have more!" Yeah, so there's that, and I also took one that was handed out around mile 10, if memory serves correctly. It was chocolate and delicious.

Also a big mental note to myself, because I am mental for doing this (for the second time. I will never learn), keep gels in a pocket or find somewhere else besides your SPORTS BRA to keep them. Now I have some nice little cuts all over my chest from them digging into me (oh, did I mention I shoved my iPhone in my sports bra too?). Me so SMRT!

You can't exactly see the necklace clearly in this picture (thank you, iPhone camera), but rather than getting a medal at the end of the race, we got a necklace! They were handed out to us by firefighters. Hot, sunny day, jewelry, and fireman (don't worry B, you're still my main squeeze)? Hmm, yeah that's okay with me!

I think this picture was taken post-race before I put my necklace on. So, right around the time I was chugging two water bottles and dropped my apple on the concrete but ate it anyway. Aw yeah.

Shout out to my mom & sister who ran their first 5KM race today and KILLED IT! You both did a spectacular job. And Kelly if you are reading this, YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR! She ran her first half marathon today and also made the course her bitch. I mean, excuse my French, but anyway. My aunt did the 10KM run too and had an awesome race, so it was a whole family affair! I am so excited to have been able to participate in this race, and I will definitely be doing it next year.

And I will be prepping myself for hills, just to be on the safe side.


After the race, Sarah, my mom and I ventured off to Lululemon. Let's get real for a second here. You can't possibly go to Victoria without at least looking in that wonderful workout wear mecca! Glory, glory, hallelujah. I found myself some goodies, too!

I got two pairs of the Groovy Run Shorts. I like these ones because they are longer than the usual Speed Short they offer. This means my Kim Kardashian butt (as my sister so kindly compared this afternoon) won't be flyin' out. Holla!

I also purchased a zip up sweater to wear as an every day basic.

It is called the Daily Yoga Jacket. It is more of a cream colour in person, and while I had my choice of navy blue and black, I decided I should leave the dark colours behind since Summer is just around the riverbeeeeeeeeendddd (sung in a Pocahontas fashion).

Then after some shopping, we went to The Spaghetti Factory for lunch. I love me some bread and pasta, so I was totally game for this plan. I had the seafood linguine, which was amaaaaaazing! I am going to try to recreate it for dinner in the next little while. It would be a hit!

I hope you all had a FANTASTIC weekend! 

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