Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Running is Always There + Food (so far) for the Day

Happy Wednesday, party people!

I got in 6.1 miles before the rain started this morning, and it sure came down hard! They don't call it the Wet Coast here for nothin'. Note the cool looking faux black eye in the above picture. It's hard taking flattering pictures of yourself after you finish running a sub 8 minute mile, and the shadows make pictures look super attractive, too! I must say though, I definitely feel a lot better after I run. Stressful day? Run. Feeling sad? Run (hello, endorphins!) Angry? Run. Happy? Run.

There is nothing fancy or glamorous about running. There is no prize for who has the biggest blisters, or who has the "best" type of shoes. Yes, if you enter in a race there is often potential of winning prizes, but we're talkin' real life here. You bust your ass out there to accomplish your distance goal, your time goal, your I-don't-have-a-goal-I-just-want-to-run goal. Whatever your goal may be, you get out there and do it because it makes you feel good and it changes you, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Running is my personal outlet when my mind won't shut up, and it's there every single day when I want to accomplish my goal of the day.

So, not-so long story short, running was there today when I was bored out of my mind and wanted to do my planned run of 4 miles. Then I just kept going until I hit 6. I like when that happens.

Other than that, nothing too interesting happened today. Bought my dad a Father's Day gift for this Sunday, picked up some grocery items and now I'm back home watching Sex & the City. I am determined to make it through all the seasons again before the month is over, and I'm on the right track. Half way, baby!

Food of the day:
Breakfast: the usual banana oats with natural PB
Snacks: cucumber and carrots with hummus, almonds and an apple, orange
Lunch: roasted veggies with lentils and salsa

Not sure what's on the menu for dinner quite yet. I am in the mood for a smoothie or something later on. Since I ate my lunch late today, I'm not super hungry yet, but that morning runger (run + hunger) might hit me sooner than I expect! In the meantime, I will just be here on the couch watching Trey and Charlotte get married. Ugh, let's just rewind through that whole relationship.

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