Friday, June 14, 2013

Brace Yourself: Overload of Photos

You can see my stellar sunburn (now a tan) quite well in this picture. I think it goes perfectly with my dirty Tinkerbell shirt and slippers. This was a post evening walk outfit where I plunked myself down on the couch and continued on with my Sex & the City marathon. That's the only full marathon I have completed, so far.

Scenes from my walk. I downloaded an app called PicStitch for all of my photos. As you can tell I am making great use of it.

From yesterday morning's run: don't you HATE hate HATE hate HaAaAaATE when it takes your Garmin five thousand years to locate satellites? In reality this was only like three minutes, but it seems like an eternity when you just want to GO. I completed a two mile loop at an 8:30/mile pace. It was my last run before the half marathon on Sunday, so here's hoping some time off will make my legs want to go SUPER FAST on Sunday.

After my run and eating breakfast, I got myself together and headed out for coffee and lunch with my friend Lauren. I purchased this dress on Monday, and I am diggin' the whole no pants thing. Dresses FTW. Plus it's pink, sooo... 

Last night I headed over to my parents' house for dinner while B was at work, and I was able to snuggle with my man Marley. As high energy as he is, sometimes he lays down and gives kisses. And then he's wanting to play tug of war. It must be a man thing? Ha.

This morning I added some fresh blueberries to my usual oats. I have sort of switched up the ingredients in here, but this is what my oatmeal looks like now that I have all my favourite ingredients stocked up:

1/2 cup dry oats
Approx. 1 (sometimes 2?) tbsp ground flax seed and ground chia seed
1 scoop hemp seeds (I just use the scoop in the bag)
1/4 cup egg whites (I add the egg whites in when the oats are soft, and let it cook for a couple minutes longer. You can't taste it at all - unless you add TOO much - and it adds more protein. Hooray!)
1 medium banana - half sliced in the oats, half sliced on top
Then I sometimes add another type of fruit on top, or add raisins.
To finish off, 1 tbsp (or more, muahaha) of natural peanut butter.

So. Good. Full for hours!

After breakfast, I hung out and did some dishes and all that fun stuff before going on a walk. I took some pictures along the way, especially of flowers. Yay pretty things.

I brought my Garmin along with me (it picked satellites up right away. Glory, glory, hallelujah) and I completed 2 miles in 33 minutes with picture stops along the way. My legs are feeling restless. I REALLY want to go for a run, but I know it is best to take today and tomorrow off so I am fully prepared and rested for Sunday. No sense in bangin' out a hill run and then running 13.1 on tired legs. I'm not that crazy.

After lunch I headed to the Farmer's Market. I picked up some fruit and veggies, then perused the garden center. See that in the middle? GERBER DAISIES! My ultimate favourite. So bright, cheerful, and fun (like me)

Aaand snack attack! I am trying to keep my bored eating at bay, so having regular, healthy snacks helps me stay satisfied throughout the day. Who woulda thunk. I had some veggies with hummus, and also some "ants on a log" as I call it. Aka, celery with natural PB and raisins on top, and a cup of vanilla earl grey tea with honey and almond milk. Sooo gooooooood.

Hope you are having a fantastic FRIDAY!

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