Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Beauty Tuesdays + My First Personal Training Orientation

1. Be Better make up removing wipes do exactly what they suggest - removes every trace of make up, which I have yet to find in a cleansing wipe until now. They are gentle on my sensitive skin, and this brand is kind to the earth, too. You can find this in Rexall drug stores.

2. I won #1 and this product here in a gift basket, and I have been loving them! This moisturizer is thick and creamy, and it smells soooo good. I have super dry skin, so I do reapply this a few times throughout the day if I'm home/if I remember, but it leaves my skin silky smooth with a nice scent. This will most likely be a repurchase once I finish the tube - Be Better has another that I would like to try as well, so it may be a new staple in my beauty cupboard.

3. And a fragrance! Brandon purchased this for me about a year ago now, and he picked the right scent! It is light, fresh, and has a nice floral scent that isn't too overpowering. I spritz this on almost daily depending on my activity, and it makes for nicely scented hair, too. I highly suggest the Marc Jacobs perfumes if you don't want anything sickly candy scented (Pink Sugar, anyone?) or too "mature."

After watching my sister's outdoor concert band performance this afternoon, I headed out for a six mile run. I was debating how I was going to structure my runs for this week, but since I have a half marathon on Sunday, I figured it would be better to get a good easy run in before I take some rest days to prep for the upcoming race. SO yeah, that happened and was nice, and at 4:30 I had my first official orientation at the new gym I joined recently. I met with a personal trainer named Sue, and she was super nice. Sue asked if I had any concerns or things I'd like to work on, so I told her that since I'm a runner it's important for me to add strength training to my routine. We went over lots of the machines and she created a strength training workout for me that she suggests I do twice per week. Sounds doable! She hit all the major muscle groups and also focused on core and balance work. I ran (ha, ha) through the exercises as she took me through the routine, and there are a few new machines that I will be using. Often times I skip the machines and go for dumbbells instead, so a switcharoo of the routine will be good for the system!

I am anxious for Sunday! I always go into each race with a PR in mind, but I can't get over the mental block I hit during the actual race itself. Does this happen to anyone else? I know I have so much more to give, so much more power in my legs to GET to that ideal pace, so it's a matter of dialing in and honing it for the 13.1. Either that or negative split, which I have done during practice runs but again, not in the real race scene. Who knows. All I know is that I should just go into the race to do the best I can, and that's what I told myself after the Victoria Goddess Run. Sure, no PR, but I have my whole life to get a PR. Over and over again! All about improvement.

Food for thought, anyway.

Have a good night!

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