Monday, May 13, 2013

Photo Dump & Rekindling

Brandon hangin' out with little ol' Oreo. I swear, B is like the animal whisperer. It seems like all animals like him, whereas I go up to Oreo (my own cat!) and she's like, "Back off, girl." Either that or she is all snuggles. I like the snuggles.

6AM runs in my new Brooks babies. I love them!

My first real dinner which happened the night before I got the stomach flu, or something like it. Probably the plague. Who knows. It sucked.

On the bright side of puking your guts out - THERE IS NONE - your kind mother drops off a care package that contains this cutie patootie! Gerbera daisies are my favourite too, so brownie points to you, mom.

I have been adding this greens mix to my salads and smoothies lately. Popeye is a big advocate for spinach and the like, so I figured I'd give it a try. Boy, it is making me stronger!
(see below)

Just kidding. I took this picture before I went for a glorious sunny run with the caption:


Should've flexed. Daayuummm, rookie mistake.

Then yesterday I got all presentable for Mother's Day (which means adding Instagram filters to everything. Can't stop, won't stop). This directly translates to: got all prettied up to eat my weight in Greek pasta salad, garlic bread and black forest cake. Balance.

The best running tank in the history of running tanks. It is supportive, flowy at the bottom, and long enough to keep you covered up without any wobbly bits on display. Me likey! Plus it also comes in blue and pink as well, so I may have to order them and expand the collection. It's not like they won't go to use!


On another note, since I am no longer sick and am feeling 100% more motivated to stick to a (somewhat) regular blogging schedule, I promise I won't be posting so sporadically. I am also giving the workout routine INSANITY a try, and although I haven't gone insane yet, I'm counting on a Shaun T-like bod by the end of it coupled with getting some miles in as well. I have a strong feeling I will be incredibly sore, so the foam roller will be my best friend. That relationship has slowly grown distant this month, so it's time to rekindle. On the same note, I am rekindling my love for green smoothies! I had one tonight with dinner that had a medium banana, blueberries, almond coconut milk and two handfuls of spinach (or rather, the "Super Greens" from above). Blend it all up and it is delicious!

Anyway, just a quick check in so you know I am alive & that the plague did not take me as a victim. I am aliiiiive!

Have a good night friends!

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