Wednesday, May 1, 2013

VIDEO! Shopping Goods + Pictures of the Day

Hey friends! So, I made a video about my shopping trip the other day. I finally broke down and decided to try another pair of runners, as I talk about in the video. Fingers crossed I love them as much as I love my Mizunos! Why did I try another pair of runners? Meh, why not!? I wanted to try a different brand just to see what is out there. Anywho, we shall see how that works out. Well, I hope!

Other pictures from the day:

Brooks in all their glory.

Is it just me, or does Mr. Run Happy look like Ronald McDonald?

Hooray for new morning reading!

Fortunately, Instagram has wonderful filters that mask your red face after just finishing a run. Check out dem chapped lipz, too. Hawt.

I tested out my new Lululemon shorts during a pilates workout after my run. Super comfortable! The run test is soon to come. Hopefully no wedgies.

Oh, and I also went for a walk with my mama today! We did a 2.5km loop around a local lake, and it was gorgeous weather outside! So glad the sun came out on my day off. Hopefully we can do these walks more often if our schedules permit!

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