Monday, May 27, 2013

Like a Boss & A New Furry Friend

Good morning!

I have a small case of the Mondays today, but I am hoping that my cup of coffee will shake that feeling before I have to head out. This morning's breakfast is pretty standard. I mean, I don't switch things up too often! Every day oats with banana and raspberries, topped off with a scoop of natural pb. Mmm, it gets all melty in the oats. Simply delicious!

So, it has been a decently busy week for a variety of reasons. First, we will start with yesterday, because that is one of the only things my small brain remembers at the moment. I told you. It's Monday.

I recently joined the gym FitStop, which is an all women's gym. I am LOVING it! It has a room specifically for cardio machines (I die) and a large weight room. Oh, and there's a big room with free weights, mats, etc. Did I mention this is only the top floor? The entry floor has a large space where they have classes, and there is a sauna and some personal training offices as well.

Yesterday afternoon, I hopped on the treadmill and started my work out like a boss. Fur coat and all.

I ended up running seven miles on the treadmill, then hit the weights room and did an upper body work out. I targeted my back, biceps, and shoulders. While I was stretching, I threw in some plank action while listening to Jay-Z. I am going to try to get back to where I was with holding planks - FIVE MINUTES! I did this by listening to music and trying to go further each time, and eventually holding it for the whole song. Well, I didn't make it through the whole H to the Izzo, but I will get there. I will!

Wheeeeeeee. You are lucky this is after I cooled down. I was lookin' like a hot mess. In a Ke$ha kinda way.

And my favourite thing that has happened recently...


My family went up to the SPCA last Sunday and adopted him. He is two years old, and I tested his running abilities yesterday with a quick three mile jaunt. Success!

He is such a handsome boy! His hobbies include playing with rope toys, chewing on bones, snuggling on your lap, and going for long romantic walks/runs. I can live with that!

I only wish he lived with me! Fortunately I do not live hours and a boat ride away, so I am close to this guy and can visit often. One day he will get a friend to play with! Cough, cough. Not that I am actively looking or anything.

Anyway, hope you had an excellent weekend!

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