Tuesday, January 1, 2013

13km for 2013, Goal Setting & Lululemon Running Gear

Happy New Year, friends! Welcome to 2013. I hope you all had a fun and safe night celebrating! My family and Brandon and I went to see the movie This is 40 last night after I came home from work, and oh my god, hilarious! If you have been thinking about a trip to the movies, definitely see that one. We snacked on popcorn and some Swedish berry candies in the theatre (not exactly ideal since I am back on the healthy bandwagon, but that won't derail me!), then stopped for dinner afterwards. The movie finished at about 9:00pm, and unfortunately a lot of places closed early. I mean, they had good reason, but they could be making a lot of coin with their doors open! Some places were even having special New Years parties where you had to buy a $50 ticket. Well, thanks, but no thanks. We ended up at Earls, and like usual, I went with the roasted veggie quesadilla with a house salad. Their salads are amazing! The house salad has shredded apple, feta cheese, roasted pecans, and a homemade apple vinaigrette. So. Tasty. We all left feeling stuffed, and although I was tired, I had to stick it out until midnight. Luckily, we got home at quarter to, so that wasn't too hard!

Now, let's get to today.

I slept in (staying up past 9:30pm does that to a gal!), made the usual every day oats (added berries), and loaded some songs onto my iPod shuffle. It was laying dead in my bedside drawer for the longest time, so I figured it was time to put it to use. I also charged up my old friend Garmin, then headed outside for a run. Great day to do it, plus it was still light out! My biggest thing is that when I wake up it's dark, and when I get home from work it is dark too. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable running by myself, but maybe I'll just man up and buy a super bright and reflective jacket and get my run on in the dark. Yikes!

13km on 01.01.13!

I felt super strong during this run, and I was so happy to be outside running in my new shoes with some new tunes blasting in my ears. Although the treadmill is great, there's something great about exploring outside and getting the fresh air. It truly clears your mind!

I ran on a mixture of trails and road today, and covered 8.1 miles in 1:11 flat. That's 8:45/mile. Hopefully I can keep this up during my half marathon training (about that... Still need to find a good plan) and be close to PR city!

This is what I wore on my run (from the top):

Athletic t-shirt from Old Navy (on super sale for something like $6 - me likey)
Running socks from Walmart (actually they were a gift, but that's my guess. They have added arch support in them too, which feels nice on your feet as you pound the pavement!)
Lululemon Ta-Ta Tamer. Seriously, ladies. Invest in one of these puppies. I'm going to again soon!
Lululemon running tights. It was my first time wearing these running, and I am in love! It literally felt like I was running without pants on. Is that weird? They also didn't bunch or sag in weird places, and there's lots of pockets to hold gels. I brought a gel with me, but didn't end up taking it.

Once my run was finished, I refueled with a lemonade electrolyte drink (mixed with water), and this goodness:

Carrot sticks, V8 Autumn Carrot Soup (I added pepper and some red garlic seasoning to it), plus two eggs scrambled with celery, zucchini, and green onion. So good!

My biggest goal this year is to run 1000 miles. If I go over, that's great! However, I will not settle for less! I ran 890 this year, so it's doable for sure. I am also wanting to PR in the half marathon distance this year too, so I will be working hard towards that goal.

What are your goals for 2013?

Have a fantastic day!!!

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