Sunday, December 2, 2012

Zero Work Outs & Injuries

The past two days have involved zero workouts.



No, here's why.

I am 95% sure I managed a minor injury last month through running too much too soon. Increasing mileage is great, but since I wasn't half marathon training and my body wasn't used to higher mileage weeks, my legs were ultimately surprised and angry about my random ten mile runs. Throw in little to no stretching or foam rolling, and it's a bad combination. Sure, I am used to the whole fluctuating mileage thaaang, but sometime about this time around didn't sit well in my legs, so I took the last two days off exercising all together. I could've done something, as I know something is better than nothing, but I wanted to see if my pain continued during those two days without being provoked by activity. I have been experiencing a pinching feeling in my hip during runs, as well as a dull ache in my quad/knee area.

This, folks, is why it is important to foam roll, stretch, and ice on a regular basis. I think back to the good ol' days where I did these things religiously after my runs, and it makes me wonder why I didn't keep that habit rather than kicking it to the curb and then kicking myself in the ass for NOT doing it. Ya know?

Anyway, I had a good day off today that involved homemade cookies, an afternoon movie with my sister (complete with popcorn and candy), and finally a work out. No, I didn't run, but I did go on the elliptical for half an hour. I also stretched and foam rolled (which hurt like a beeyatch, but it will help!) and completed the following strength training workout:

1 minute plank
25 back "crunches" (lay flat, then lift your head and legs off the ground)
2 x 25 squats (10lbs dumbbells)
3 x 10 rows (10lbs dumbbells)
3 x 10 stiff legged deadlifts (10lbs dumbbells)
3 x 20 standing oblique bends (10lbs dumbbells)
10, 20 push ups

And my leg still feels sore, but at least it's something. Working out is one of those things that is always a good idea (unless of course you are severely injured). Although I may be taking a break from running (we'll see when tomorrow comes though), I am determined to keep active and strengthen my body to prevent future injuries!

I mean, there will be no future injuries, so I won't have to worry about that! ;)

In the meantime, I will continue to drink obscene amounts of tea, eat an equal amount of fruits/veggies, and browse for races online. And hopefully I'll be up and running, literally, by the middle of the week. Or is that pushing it too fast, too soon, too?

Hope you had a good weekend everyone!

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