Thursday, November 29, 2012

99 Problems

For me, running for fun means enjoying myself and not stressing about how fast I'm going every single mile. Of course, on race day this mentality goes right out the window, and I want to beat my time. However, yesterday I set out to run six miles. Okay, reasonable goal. I've done it many times before. No problem! I was watching TV as I ran, and once I hit the six mile mark, I decided I wasn't done yet. How can I be done when I haven't listened to Christmas music yet?

Then something tragic happened. Someone knocked on the door.

What is this nonsense!? My thoughts: "Please don't make me answer the door in this state." Was I supposed to answer the door lookin' like a sweaty mess? Maybe not, but I did anyway. I feel so sorry for the girl standing at my door, as I didn't exactly understand what she was talking about since I had Christmas carols stuck in my head still, and I wasn't really paying attention. Just when you think you're almost done, someone interrupts you. Oh well! I got right back to running after the brief pause. It was still a fun run, and I finished eight miles by lunch time.

The other great thing about having a day off is that you can go to the spa and let other people rub your feet. Thank you, Emily!

Originally I planned on bringing my own nail polish. I mean, I only have over 55 bottles of the stuff. However, as we were looking through the different colours, I couldn't help but buy another one. Plus, I got a $10 off coupon to use in the new year, so it was a win win deal! Of course, it started raining super hard during my appointment, so I was walking around the rain with slippery feet and flip flops on. Fortunately, my sister and I were going Christmas shopping, so I wouldn't be stuck in the rain for long. I didn't get a LOT of Christmas shopping done, but at least I'm that much closer to being done.


My legs are a little sore today, but I hopped on the treadmill early this morning for an easy three miles. It never feels easy though when the fire place is blasting and it's 71 degrees in the house. Even the fan wasn't helping. I felt like a disaster during the run, but I feel way better now that it's done! I finished with some upper body strength training and stretching as well.

Time to get myself ready for the day. Have a good day!

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