Friday, October 19, 2012

Runs on Plants, Something SO Stinkin' Cute & Overachieving

I had ordered a shirt online a couple weeks ago, and yesterday it finally arrived! My mom dropped it off when I was at work. What a wonderful surprise! I am excited to wear it every day. Without washing it.

Just kidding, but I am excited to wear it! It is super soft, and the fact that it is my favourite colour with one of my favourite veggies on it is fantastic, too.

On the back it says, "Runs on Plants"

To order your own No Meat Athlete shirt, click here.

In other news, I actually RAN yesterday! For the first time in what felt like millions of years. I know I was all, YAY HILLS! YAY SPEED! after the Victoria Half Marathon, but I got preoccupied with fitness classes three times a week and went easy on the elliptical on my days off. Although it wasn't exactly the plan I had in mind, as I was running yesterday I found that all the cross training I have been doing has helped my running a lot. I ran seven (point two if we are being precise here) miles in an hour. I even stretched and foam rolled after - glory, glory! I think I fell in love with running a little bit more too.

It's amazing what you can accomplish if you simply TRY. 

With the half marathon nine days away, I am going to continue to work on hills and speed. This means incorporating bursts of speed into my normally steady paced runs and doing a couple more hill workouts. After my first round of hills this past Sunday, I was left feeling accomplished and wiped out, but in a good way that made me feel proud. Hooray for running! Hooray for hills!

So what is the work out for today? I thought about doing a six mile run, but that turned into three, which turned into me writing this blog post instead. I do however have spin & core tonight, but we will see how I feel after work. Maybe I can fit in some speedy miles somewhere in tonight if I am not too dead.

Overachiever here, hello.

Now, I leave you with something so stinkin' cute:

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