Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 Commandments for the Runner & I'm Not Competitive, What?

I can definitely agree with number four. There's something about the holy rest day that feels so good. I mean, what is better than laying in bed all day, or hogging your dad's favourite reclining chair in the living room watching TLC? Not that I have experienced the latter... Right. I can only imagine it's nice to do that.

However, I can say that I have committed the sin of wearing cotton. NOT ON RACE DAY! Not while running! I wore cotton to bootcamp last night.

I'm hanging my head in shame. It seems as if the spandex fairy has stolen all of my workout capris, and I'm not about to wear my sacred running shorts somewhere else. That's weird, right? 

Alright, so let's talk about that bootcamp class that happened last night.

Pros: It was so fun! We did a lot of lunges, which I actually don't mind doing. We were also doing a ladder drill were you performed three exercises across the gym (Bosu-ball burpees, sprint to the dumbbell burpee station, sprint to the stage & lift yourself up, then repeat on the way back) in 90 seconds, then 60 seconds, then 30 seconds. During the last round, I found a burst of energy and sprinted my ass off, completing two rounds while everyone else did one.

I'm not competitive, what?

We ended the class with some side and elbow planks. Oh, you devils, you. 

Hold for twenty seconds. Raise and lower your hips ten times. Hold for twenty seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Hold for twenty seconds. Lower your right hip towards the floor, raise up, then repeat on the left side. Complete ten lowers on each side. Hold for twenty seconds.

You're welcome for the killer abs.

Fortunately, I actually love ab work and doing planks. I actually held a plank for five minutes back in the day where I did them every. single. day. Yeah, that got a little boring, and I've lost the patience (and core strength) to do it again. I'll work at it.

Cons: My gluteus maximus is hurting from all those lunges. Oh, and we did squats (which I love, so this should be in the pros), so that adds to it, too.

With my last half marathon of the year (unless I find another one... Heeeheehee) twelve days away, I desperately need to get running. I know I have the endurance, but I have only done one hill workout. Likewise, that was my only run of the week. With bootcamp twice a week and spin & core one day a week, I went easy and did some elliptical work on the days in between. I need to find the time today to get a workout in though, so my guess is that it will be after dinner since I have plans after work. Or I could split it up. Hmm, we'll see. I've been mulling the thought all night!

Have a happy Tuesday, everyone! The work week begins (for me). Womp womp.

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