Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"I don't see nothin' wrong with a little bump in grind."

Get ready for a post full of jumbled thoughts & a whole lotta nothing! :)

Fashion bloggers are all over the pattern mixing thing. Well, fitness bloggers can be all about it too, right? This happened the other day. And then again today. There is something about the whole combination that is so ugly it works. Plus, you can never go wrong with compression socks in funky patterns (or Mizuno runners for that matter).

Anyway, let's get back to what I have been doing since the last time I posted.

Ah, yes. I mentioned I would be doing hills. Did that happen? Slightly. Does a high incline on the treadmill count? What about one actual planned hill workout? I have been working a bit on speed too. Not in a formal way where I write down my splits and get all fancy like that, but incorporating bursts of speed into my otherwise steady paced runs.

Unlike today. Today's 4 miler was all steady, with a slight pace increase in the second half.

So, there's that. And there's also the half marathon on Sunday. And there's the rain. Ooh, the rain. Stay away!

And then there's every day oats still goin' strong.

Breakfast has been the same. Who woulda thunk? Since that's old news, here's something(s) you didn't know...

Something new: I am house sitting for a friend for about a week, and I accepted a new job.

WHHHHAAAATTTT? Yeah, more on that later.

Until then, this is what I wore to spin class on Friday:

Gotta love shirts that make you look pregnant. Am I right? Spin class has been going super well, and I am sad that it is ending this week! At least I think it is. I hope I'm wrong!

I will direct your attention to the clean haven that is my room. Yeah, I should get on that.

So, where did this post title come from?

I was listening to the Songza app on my phone during one of my runs last week, and this gem popped on. Yep, what a beauty.

Oh, and it's Wednesday?

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