Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Oh, Shit!" Moments, Grouch-Mode & Oats n' Eeyore

 Well, hello there! I feel like a stranger since it has been so long since I have blogged. I really didn't want to blog when I was in grouch mode and when I had no workouts or fitness related things to share. Anyway, to go along with today's title, let's talk about all the Oh, shit! moments I have been having lately.

1. I haven't ran for about a week.
3. Working two jobs sucks big time. I have been thinking of some stuff for a while now, so I will keep you updated on those thoughts as I put them into action.
4. I haven't done any "real" workouts all week. Fortunately, I have been doing my squats!

50 squats a day keeps the saggin' away ;)

I am so clever.

5. Lack of sleep and lack of workouts makes my happiness suffer. WAH WAH all I do is whine. This has gotta stop ASAP. My mom says, "it'll end soon as long as you make it soon." Yes, I know.

Let's move onto this morning!

I actually got to SLEEP IN this morning because I don't start work until noon! YAY! I did a little happy dance, I must admit. I had the best sleep of my life, and I am feeling good this morning! Since I will be running tonight, I still wanted to sweat this morning. After a billion and one days off, I hopped on the elliptical this morning and did 30 minutes of cardio. I warmed up on the lowest setting for five minutes, then moved up in the levels every five minutes. I would "sprint" during the chorus of songs, and then the last five minutes was spent as a cool down. It worked out perfectly with the length of song I was listening to! Gotta love when that (unintentionally) happens.

Then I figured I needed some Pilates in my life, so I popped in a DVD:

Then after the 30 minute pilates extravaganza I streeeeeeetched for the first time in a week. Ouch, but ah, yeeessss! Next up - breakfast time!

Every day oats and coffee. We have run out of peanut butter, so I added extra chia and hemp seeds to this. It was perfectly crunchy and sweet and delicious and ahh. Happy tummy.

Have a great Sunday everyone! Back to blogging & working out tomorrow. I plan on exercising for the next few days straight before the half marathon. Maybe I'll throw in some cross training too. Whoa, watch out.

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