Friday, September 14, 2012

A Work Out for You, A Work Out for Me

Just to clarify, the elbow plank at the bottom is to be held for ten seconds. You can't exactly do ten reps of an elbow plank since you gotta hold this one to feel the burn! Feel free to modify the weight used in the bicep curls and other weighted exercises. I used 10 # weights for mine, just because that's what I had handy on my bedroom floor. Or rather, what wasn't hidden by my clothing.
I conjured up this little workout the other morning while I was killing time before work. You do random workout moves while waiting for something too, right? It's a good way to make time pass, plus it can't hurt! I also have a morning abs and arms workout to post for you guys, too. It's nothing too crazy, but it's a nice way to start the day on a strong note. So is the "toned in 10" work out - I paired this with thirty minutes on the elliptical.
Do you like to do your cardio before or AFTER strength training?
I personally like to do it after, just because I'd rather get cardio out of the way. HOWEVER, when it comes to circuit training, I like the mix between cardio and strength in one workout.
I am excited to start bootcamp classes so I can get some strength training in. I go through spurts where I will use weights for a couple weeks mixed with my running, and then I'll switch to yoga or pilates and then get back to JUST running. It'll be nice to have a regular schedule, or at least regular days, where I get some weight training in.
Work Out of the Day: Spin & Core tonight! Wahoo :)

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