Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Video Debut, Upcoming Races & Fall Plans

 Believe it or not, I was actually going to post this last night since I made the video last night. However, Blogger had different plans, and that included not saving my drafted post and then deleting the whole thing when I tried to cancel the video upload. Don't you love when that happens!?
Anyway, my phone has a video recorder on it that I have never used before. So, why not make a video about roasting vegetables? Exciting, I know. Be sure to check back for more videos. Now that I have made them, I want to incorporate them onto the site some more. Similarly, my NEW LAPTOP (YAY!) has a video making/editing program on it, so I will be having some fun with that!
In order to keep myself busy this fall, I signed up for two fitness classes. As you know, I also have a couple half marathons coming up, a 10K this Sunday, and I work five days a week. I am looking forward to it, though I will have to come up with a plan that includes running decently high mileage weeks without overdoing it. So, some of these classes can be used as cross training too. I admit: I don't cross train nearly as much as I should (although yesterday I went on the elliptical rather than run, and did a quick workout which I will post on the blog tomorrow!). Cross training helps strengthen other muscles we normally wouldn't use in, say, running, and it helps prevent injury. Anyway, the fitness classes I signed up for are spin & core which starts this Friday night, and then a bootcamp class Mondays and Wednesdays starting October 10th. What else is happening this fall?
Well, this is my "race schedule."
Sunday, September 16th: Terry Fox Run 10K
Sunday, October 7th: Goodlife Victoria Half Marathon
Sunday, October 28th: Shawnigan Lake Kinsol Trestle Half Marathon
I haven't seen many races after that date, but I will be keeping my eyes open!
Have a good day, everyone. Time to get goin'!

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