Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Morning Yoga, Fruity Breaky & Kim Kardashian

Lately I have been loving pancakes for breakfast. I topped two small buckwheat pancakes with mixed berries, raisins & a chopped nectarine. Scrambled egg whites were enjoyed on the side (I am on an egg whites kick - aaaaye protein!), along with the usual 1L of water in the morning. I'm thinking I'll need some iced coffee to take to work though! Gotta perk up for the day.

Before breakfast began, I took some time to do a little workout. Originally I planned on running four miles this morning, then four after work for a total of an eight mile "long" run. Sometimes it's easier to split it in two instead of trying to fit it in before or after the work day, all at once. However, I stayed up late painting my nails, watching TV and basically doing everything BUT sleeping. So, I slept in.

I woke up and hit the mat for 15 minutes of yoga. I think (THINK is the key word) I want to try to do at least ten minutes of yoga every morning. It was a nice way to stretch and get my body moving. I also threw in some pilates moves (like the double leg stretch and rolling like a ball, along with others) into my yoga sequence to hit the core as well. FINALLY, my abs aren't sore from spinning any more. They will be once Friday comes, though! As well as yoga, I did my usual 50 squats, as well as 3 x 10 bicep curls (10lbs) and 3 x 10 warrior 3 lunges.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!

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