Sunday, August 12, 2012

Disney Princess, A Road Trip Neccessity & New Go Fasters

The past few days I have been chatting about wanting to get a new pair of runners. Today, my family & I drove up island, and I finally decided to take the plunge. We went to a blueberry farm, then drove up to Parksville to check out the beach and all the sand castle sculptures they had. Of course on the way we had to stop at my old friend Starbucks.

Iced skinny caramel macchiato, light ice. It was nice and refreshing on the hot drive, and accompanied our blueberries perfectly. I may have had a little too many -insert blueberry coma here-.

Back to my shoes. I decided on the Asics Gel Neo-33's. Besides being flashy and bursting with bright colours, they are also super light and have great heel cushion. I like how there isn't a huge space in the toe box, so my foot won't be flopping around. My foot actually feels pretty natural in this shoe, although it is a change from the Mizuno Wave Elixer 7's I have been running in for the past 6.5 months. It is nice trying out different shoes that are similar to ones you have been running in, as it gives you some variety & you know you'll have a few to pick from when you need new shoes again.

We shall see how these work out! Luckily I can exchange them for another pair of they don't suit me. Hallelujah for owning a treadmill and not having to ruin the shoes during the trial run!

Workout of the day: Since it's an "active recovery" day for me, I did 15 minutes of yoga followed by 20 minutes easy on the elliptical. While up island we also walked around quite a bit, but that's only to be expected!

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