Monday, August 13, 2012

New Goal, What is Happiness & Training for the Week

Today Sarah & I ventured to Victoria for a day of Denny's, shopping & strolling around town. It's nice being able to spend time with family, and good weather makes it that more enjoyable. After brunch, the mall was calling our names. It had been a while since I had been there, and honestly I find it hard to go shopping now. I know what I like, but part of me is always thinking, "Ehhh... Do I need that?" However, I barely buy myself clothes any more, which is strange for someone who stalks style blogs and online shopping sites regularly. I'll get back into it one day when I have more money & my goal is complete.

Goal: Pay off my credit card (and I'm not that far away since I have a $500 limit, but when you have other things to pay for as well like a car and a phone and still want to save... Yeah. Paychecks don't go far for me!)

Anyway. I did buy a shirt today. WHOA GO CRAZY HOLLY.

If you are ever in Victoria, I suggest you check out the Sitka store. It is half retail space and the other half is a cafe. I had an almond milk latte and a house salad there, since I am always starving and yeah. Didn't want to chew my arm off. Anyway, I thought their sign was cute. How true!

Now that my rest days are over, my sights are on training this week.
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: Long-ish run
Thursday: Hill workout (Do I dare?) or something like 6 miles
Friday: Speed work
Saturday: 4 miles
Sunday/Monday: off or cross train

We'll see if I stick to that. I'll probably forget as soon as I hit publish.

Have a good night!

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