Monday, July 2, 2012

Back on the Island, Lululemon Donations & The Great Outdoors

Hey strangers. So, guess what? I moved back to the beautiful land of Vancouver Island! Yep, I've been back since Friday, and it feels much better sleeping in a bed rather than the floor of the apartment. Oh yeah, I did that since Tuesday. Fun times! Speaking of fun times, I hope they have fun with the dead mouse stuck in the mouse trap. Suckas.

Anyway, so I haven't ran a lot since the half marathon, as you probably guessed. At first I was sore, but then on Wednesday I was itchin' to run. Of course, I left my runners at home, my Garmin was still dead, and my workout clothes were in the laundry pile at home. Soo... I did some random ab exercises on the empty floor of the apartment. And that's about it. And I balanced it with eating at restaurants and buying coffee. Totally healthy, right?

Since I'm back on the island, it feels good to get into a routine again. My bed times as of late have been early in the morning and then sleeping in late, but I need to shake out of that habit! I actually enjoy waking up at, say, 5AM, because then you have the WHOLE entire day to do stuff - yeah, easy for us unemployed folk to say, right? Hmm. Better find a job at some point too (don't worry, I've been looking!)

Goodbye, intersections (that I never actually ran through, because I hate to wait at lights). My sister is starting to get into running as well, so we went for a two mile jaunt around town yesterday afternoon. The nice thing about running at this time when it's not super hot out is, well, it's not super hot outside. Once the real summer weather comes, get ready to hear me complain ten times more than I do already. You're looking forward to it, I know. You're welcome! Then we went to Victoria with my dad, and I got this bad boy:

Lululemon running tank. I tested it out during a 4 mile run today & I love it! I like that it is a little bit longer and doesn't ride up. During the half marathon my tech shirt kept riding up, and it's annoying to have to pull everything down. I suppose that's what happens when you have a jacket tied around your waist, too. Anyway, this tank top passes my very picky criteria (which doesn't actually exist, but some running clothes are better than others). Bonus, it was on sale. RIGHT? Steal and a half.

Dear Lululemon, if you'd like to donate any running clothes for me to test out, feel free to contact me ;)

Anyway, I am off to bed! I'm thinking about running to a town close to me & back tomorrow, for a total of ten miles. Maybe that's stupid though, so we'll see how daring I'm feeling. I'll probably just want to stay on the couch, drink coffee & eat a huge bowl of oatmeal (which I haven't had since the weekend or something ridiculous like that. The quick-cook oats I had on Thursday don't count because they tasted like ass (or something similar, anyway, they were gross)). Good night!

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