Friday, June 15, 2012

We ALL Love Wine

I apologize for not blogging in so long. It's mostly because I have been so busy running around in my Tiffany blue sneakers (I wish). No, I've actually just been lazy, working, going to school, and not running nearly enough. You know how I signed up for half marathon numero deux? Oh, well that is next Sunday. Holy shitballs, where did that come from!? Fortunately I have done at least some running between the last half and now. I'm still going to do it - I mean, I paid for it so I might as well! However, I'm not expecting to get a crazy awesome time. If I do, then that's awesome! If not, I'm not going to worry, because I know I didn't train as hard as I should've.

Oh well. Lesson learned, and we'll see if I'm alive after June 24th (fingers crossed yes).

Anyway, since my workouts haven't been that consistent, I have been trying to eat better to make up for the lack of activity. A lot of things have been coming up too, like the upcoming move at the end of the month & group projects taking over my life. Actually that's not true, because the project will be ending on Saturday as that's the final for class! If you didn't know, I'm taking a styling class as part of my marketing/merchandising program and our final project is a photoshoot that we have to style. This means making call sheets, a marketing brief, pulling clothes, organizing hair and make up, etc. Thankfully my group has been WONDERFUL, and I am feeling confident now that it will go well! So that had nothing to do with exercise/eating, but there ya go.

Moving on!

And I mean "moving on" literally. However, I'm not going to say anything about that (can you guess?) until later. Still some loose ends to tie up and stuff to pack! Oh yeah, and school and a quickly approaching half marathon in between. And maybe some wine.

We all love wine ;)

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