Friday, June 22, 2012

Stop Looking at My Nuts

One of the things I am really looking forward to about moving back home is being able to run at any time of the day (or night). In the city it's a little scary to be running outside at night - um, creepers are every where, I tell ya! However in my small town on the island, you can literally run down the middle of the road or wherever you want without really having to worry about having a murderer come attack you. Now, since I said that all the crazies are going to be like, WHERE DOES THIS GIRL LIVE!? And go ballistic. Fingers crossed that isn't the case. That would be bad.

Another bad thing: I have had zero peanut butter since Monday morning (at like 5:30AM too). Usually this would drive me crazy, but I am trying to not rely on it for a delicious breakfast. However, I will have to get some tomorrow as peanut butter is always part of my pre-race breakfasts. There's only three sleeps left until the big day! I am less nervous now that it's getting closer, and tomorrow I will be just plain excited when I go to pick up my race packet. You guys are probably rolling your eyes at me right now. Yeah, okay, Holly. We get it. You're running half marathon number two, and I'm sitting here eating in front of the computer. JUST KIDDING. I am not here to make you guys feel bad or natter on about this stuff. And FYI, I have food cooking right now and it's exactly 11:57PM as I type this. Bored eating is good, right? At least they're veggies!

So for the past three days I have ran three miles. My last long run was ten miles last Monday, and I didn't really do anything for about a week as you guys now and I'm basically just rambling now because my brain is all mush. I guess that's what happens when you do basically nothing all day and then have a boring class and then come home to a suddenly amazing WIFI connection which never ever appears during the day. Boo for me.

Anyway, I am taking tomorrow and Saturday off to save my legs for Sunday. I think some froyo is in order tomorrow (we shall see). I guess I should be carb loading too! Sheesh, the things you forget when you're lazy.

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