Friday, May 11, 2012

Ready to Run All the Miles & I'm Pumped!

Good news, folks! You know how yesterday I was talking about wanting to run another half marathon? Well, I finally registered for the race I have been thinking & dreaming of for the past four or so sleeps. I know, it seems like a lifetime, right? I am ready to run all the miles! Wahoo!

June 24th, Scotiabank Half Marathon! One thing about this race I'm looking forward to is the huge decline. I mean, that's gotta be good for a speedy pace, right? Minus the hill climbs, so I guess that means I'll actually have to run up some hills during training phase - which I am in again right now. I'd like to add a couple more speed workouts during the week as well.

To kick off my half marathon training, I started off with an easy 3 on the ol' dreadmill. I mean, the treadmill. Only it wasn't so dreadful this morning, because I have discovered the ABC Spark channel on TV where it shows reruns of My Wife & Kids and Boy Meets World early in the morning. I would get up at 4AM just to watch those oldies! Anyway, this is what the workout looked like this morning:

I added in my walk to/from work ahead of time seeing as I work 12-830 today & obviously haven't walked there yet. I wanted to blog quickly before I get some snackage for the way there. The only thing with working right at noon is there is no time for lunch. Ah, eating patterns thrown off track. Oh well, such is life!

Yay! The sun is shining, I have a good dinner packed for my break, and more importantly, I have a half marathon next month. I'm pumped!

PS. I also switched over to a custom domain on the blog in case you didn't notice ;) - bye, bye,!

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