Thursday, May 10, 2012

Magic Muscles, Beauty is Strength & Gettin' Back in the Game

I am still relishing in my first half marathon experience, but not to worry, I will not be nattering on and on and on about it (for long, anyway). After Sunday's fun day 13.1 mile run day - oh the rhymes are bountiful (my dad's favourite word) today - I left my race bib and medal laying in the corner of the couch. As the week trucked along, I tossed my school notebooks, textbook, binder, etc. etc. on top of it all and recently discovered it this morning while I was trying to get organized. Trying is the key word. You know when you want to organize something, but you basically move the pile to another location? Yeah, that's what I did. Anyway, I looked at the souvenirs and thought, I need to sign up for another half marathon.

I have been browsing the event section of The Running Room, and right now I have my eyes on the Scotiabank Half Marathon in June. Luckily the soreness from Sunday has subsided, because now I can get back into training mode! Right after I do some yoga to stretch out my left calf...

Okay, on to other things. I want to share with you a very special thing in my life:

This, my friends, is the Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar from Lush. I picked it up on Monday after work, because I had 5 old pots to trade in for a face mask. I chose the Oatifix face mask (a mixture of oatmeal and banana for sensitive skin), and I will touch on that (once I use it & see how I like it!) as well as another new favourite product in an upcoming post.

It is almost like a solid bar of body butter, but this one in particular is so stimulating for your muscles and helps get your sore muscles back into shape. How to use: You rub the solid white part over your legs, arms, etc, then flip it over to the bean-filled side and massage in. I also used my hands to work on some knots that had formed near my IT bands. This seriously did wonders on my quads and calves, which seemed to cry with every step I took on Monday. I am thankful for finding this, and there are a couple other sports-related ones (for example, the Hottie, which is totally fitting - nawt) that I am interested in trying out as well. Perhaps I will use it after that second half marathon, ehhh ehhh!? The best thing about this bar is it gives you the same sensation as Icy Hot, only you don't smell like a tube of toothpaste after you use it.

I read an article about what's beautiful this morning. It's not worrying about how many calories you eat at each meal. It's not worrying about whether you can fit into a size 00. It's not any of those things because really, it's all about being healthy. That's personally what I think anyway, but according to the media, my opinion is not the right one. However, who cares about being right when it's your body, your health, your mind, and more importantly, your happiness?

I love that my refrigerator is not plastered with pictures of models taunting me not to eat another cookie, but with my marathon goal times, challenging me to work harder every day.
I love that I don’t own a scale, but I do own enough running clothes to not do laundry for a month (or three).
I love that my body is strong.

 You can read the whole article here, and even sign up yourself with a goal to complete.

I will leave you with some MORE links!

I am off to get a workout in this afternoon before school tonight!

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