Monday, May 14, 2012

Pilates & Park Adventures

Gorgeous sunny day! After I was finished work, Brandon & I headed off to Queen Elizabeth Park to get some sun. He told me about this park that had exotic birds, but I didn't know which one he was talking about. After driving to McDonalds for our iced coffees (only a dollar all summer (I hope you sang that in your head, too)!), we headed to the park in the sunshine. It was so much fun! Here are 9 of 72 pictures I took. Overboard? Maybe.

Gorgeous views!

I thought it would be fun to play with the self timer setting on my camera. Multiple pictures ensued.

...And then this accidental one happened when Brandon was trying to find the best height to set the camera at. We settled on a nearby planter, and Brandon caught me waving for attention. "Are you ready yet? I think it's good now!" Typical Holly.

Just kidding :)

Thank you to the kind girl who offered to take our picture. I'm sure you don't read my blog, but thank you anyway!

So, we didn't see the exotic birds. There was a giant dome that had a mock-rain forest type of thing inside of it. We walked inside and not only was it ridiculously hot and humid, but we didn't feel like paying to walk around in a circle and look at birds. So, instead we went to the liquor store after the park. No seriously, we did. However, our crazy Monday night isn't very crazy when you are having room temperature coolers and your boyfriend falls asleep while cooking chicken wings. We are officially OLD. And the bottle on the Bacardi Breezers is closed after one glass. Whoaaa don't want to get carried away!

Anyway, that was my exciting day! And I tried to explain my exciting workout on DailyMile:

Blogilates is a fitness website that offers tons of different workout videos as well as health, diet, and general fitness related tips. I was browsing through the website when I came across a squats challenge, an abs/legs workout to Lady Gaga & a "quickie" workout. These are the videos (below) I completed for my "workout":

I'm dying to run tomorrow. I took a couple days off since my 3 miler because the side of my calf is still hurting a bit. I'm hoping nothing has been pulled or overused - I have another half marathon coming up! Sheesh, body, work with me here!

Anyway I'm off to have a little snack before bed. I suppose strawberry banana froyo (seriously so good) at 6pm wasn't a substantial dinner.

Good night friends!

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