Monday, May 21, 2012

Losing Your Mojo, Learning Lessons & The Office Meets Forrest Gump

So, on Friday I had 7 miles on my half marathon schedule. Ummm, a four hour nap is basically the same thing, right? For some reason over the weekend I lost my running mojo. It happens every so often, but I had a really hard time trying not to beat myself up over it. Obviously my body needed some rest - a four hour sleep before a 7AM shift here, a five and a half hour sleep there - it was only a matter of time before my body put on the breaks & wanted me to just slow down and rest. I remember setting my alarm early every morning this weekend, but I just kept on sleeping. One morning I told Brandon, "I feel bad. I slept through my alarm again and didn't run." And he said, You have your whole life to run.

Brandon, thank you for being so smart and verbally kicking my ass. And after that, my days were great! I took three days off of running and did a lot of yoga. I did various strength training moves (workin' on them lunges - you're welcome, thighs & booty) and tons of hamstring/hip stretches. Then today before work I busted out six miles on the treadmill and two more when I got home. It was a nice few days away, but now I am back and ready to run! You know, until I (purposely) sleep through my alarm again.

So, with eight miles under the belt today, I am feeling pretty positive that this is a good comeback. Of course, attitude is everything and being upbeat about my running certainly helps when I lace up my shoes. I am heading to the island tomorrow afternoon to see the fam jam, so it will be a nice break from the city. It's nice to go back home! Additionally, I have my alarm set bright and early so I can run three miles before work at 7AM. Yes, sometimes I do like to overachieve. Mostly I just like to run!

Lesson(s) of the weekend: Brandon is wiser than me, and it's okay to take a break from an activity you love! I mean, shopping & I have been on a break forever it seems like ;)

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