Sunday, May 27, 2012

And the Worst Blogger Award Goes To...

Let's kick off this post with my feet, because I know you all want to see yet another picture of my runners and socks. What can I say? They are my favourite!

Okay, you know it's been a while since you blogged when you can't remember when that was. Actually now I can, but that's only because I had to look at my Daily Mile account while getting pictures for this blog post. Anyway, I apologize for my absence (you guys are probably sad to have me rambling again - suckaaas!), but I am back in business now!

So, what have I been up to? Not a whole lot, to be honest. Not enough running, not enough yoga, not enough exercising. I have had too much lazing around, too much hot chocolate (is that possible?), and too many mini oatmeal cookies. Yes, mom, I saved Brandon three cookies from the batch you made for "us." Apparently I do not like to share.

My trip to the island on Tuesday was wonderful! It is so hard coming back to Vancouver. As I was driving home I thought, "Wow, there is so much NATURE here!" Trees, green grass (well the grass is green here too, but that's besides the point), fresh flowers, and deer in our backyard. Sure, there's wild life in Vancouver, but the most exciting critter I've seen since we moved here is a squirrel. So exciting, right?

We headed back home on Wednesday night, then Thursday and Friday were work days for me. And they were lazy days on the activity front. Where did my mojo go, AGAIN!? Naturally yesterday I had to do something to get  myself in motion.

My run yesterday technically didn't hurt, but it was hot. Who's bright idea was it to run in black spandex and a black tech shirt at 2:30pm on (what felt like) the hottest day ever? Hmm, not me, of course...

This is what my activity has been like this week. I mean it's not awful, but it's not according to my "training plain." Apparently I like to fly by the seat of my pants, but I knew that already. However, it is nice to kind of have a guideline to follow. Oh well. There are plenty of long runs in my future - like this week. I have some days off in a row, so I plan on running my little heart out then. And other good things like foam rolling, stretching & yoga, some strength training... Half marathon is less than a month away!

So this was my mileage for the week. BOO! No use crying over spilled milk, though (yeah, that makes sense). There is always room for improvement!

Alright, I am off to enjoy a leisurely breakfast on this sunny Sunday morning. Cup of coffee numero deux is calling my name! Have a great day! :)

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