Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sweating Candy, Sunny Seven & Paris

After Monday's unplanned run/walk/weights workout, I was left feeling a little discouraged. I know I can't control everything when it comes to running, but I was looking forward to bustin' out at least 8 miles & I definitely didn't get that far. Anyway, yesterday was a "rest" day (although I didn't need to rest much after Monday) where Brandon and I basically walked around the mall for two hours, ate candy, and then came home and ate more candy. Seems like a good idea, right? As well as candy, I also bought some new running socks yesterday. OOOH, you know what that means!

When I woke up at 7 this morning (later than I wanted to, but I don't believe in an alarm clock as of late, or so it seems), I immediately put a pair of my brand spankin' new socks on, hoping it would inspire me to, you know, maybe put the rest of my running clothes on and get my butt out the door. Half a cup of coffee (darn you, Brandon!) and a bowl of oatmeal (and some Pinterest/Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter/Blog creepin') later, I was out the door in the sunshine. I headed off to my favourite golf course loop, actually the only one I know, and got my sweat on.

It was BUSY at the golf course today! I don't know if it was the 9AM sunshine or what, but walkers, runners, and stroller pushers (that like to stop in the middle of the trail) were out in full force this morning. I was happy to see so many runners out there! It's sort of a weird language runners speak. You pass each other once, twice, etc. etc. and just give each other that look. The look that says, "Hey, we've passed five times in the last hour.. Man, we're good!" Or the look that says, "Nice job." OR the one that says, "You're shirt is right." For your knowledge, I was wearing a running short courtesy of Skinny Runner that said, "I run to look good." It's okay to be vain sometimes, right? All jokes aside, it was a good day for a run & I am glad to have escaped my funk. I'm also 99% sure that I was sweating sugar today from yesterday's junk food fest. A little candy between fruits and veggies is okay though, right? It's all about balance, folks!

And I leave you with my favourite song from my run today. Actually, it's always my favourite & I'm pretty sure it drives Brandon crazy when I play it on repeat in his car. Sorry, but you have a great sound system and I know (almost) all the words.
PS. Did you know I saw Jay-Z & Kanye West live during their Watch the Throne Tour?
"It's a glorious occasion!"

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