Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Running in the Rain, Dr. Oz Advice & Fuel

Today was all about running. And sleeping. And doing my taxes (which still aren't done - TOMORROW is the day they will be completed)! I'll give you a run down of my day:

Usually I set my alarm for 5:45AM and 6:00AM every morning. I have it set so every day (except Sunday) it will ring at those times. However, despite the buzzing in my ear & laying awake for about half an hour (until 6:30AM at least), I still didn't get up. My original plan was to run on the treadmill early, then have time in the early afternoon to do things around the house (super crazy fun things like cleaning and dishes!) before finishing my long run in the afternoon before school. I wanted to split up my run because my treadmill cuts me off if I run on it for more than an hour and a half. We have a love hate relationship during long runs, as you can see, or I just end up resetting it. So tricky. Beat the system.

Anyway, I woke up at 9:46AM exactly today. My body was just beat from staying up late and waking up early. It's hard to be in a routine when my schedule is never the same, which is so frustrating for me, because I like to run (literally) on a routine and eat at the same time as well. Weird, but it totally works for me and my fueling. Needless to say, my eating was all out of whack today since I woke up late. Crummy, but I made it work & packed dinner to eat while I was at school tonight.

I had a bit of banana and some mixed nuts before I ran, as well as some water. One of the things I like about treadmill running is that you can zone out in front of the TV without feeling like a lazy ass on the couch. No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.

I actually cooked my "breakfast" on low while I ran. By the time I was finished stretching and oogling over my new issue of Runner's World (yeah I checked the mail before I refueled. Bad, bad), it was close to noon! I ate my oatmeal and had some coffee, hung around in my sweaty running clothes and then went to the golf course around 1:30PM to finish the last bit of my run.
And just my luck, it started raining when I was driving there. And even luckier for me a torrential down pour suddenly happened about 1 mile in. I thought about cutting my run short to 3 miles, but it cleared up a little and I just kept going. No sense in quitting when I had the 11 miles in mind. The last 100m happened because I thought it would be fun to run across the street into a residential area. Eh, whatever. It kept my mind off the repeating loop I had been running & was a change of scenery.

And then I got my taxes (kinda) done while I was drenched and sweaty and I had a nice conversation with an old man in Safeway about his love of curling when he was younger & the fact that he had asthma and that's why he couldn't run for long periods of time (thus signing up for curling instead). So fun (and so are run-on sentences)! Then I went to school. Then I came home. Then I made a mixed berry/spinach/almond milk smoothie topped with Multi-Grain Cheerios, because my appetite was still raging from not regularly eating today. Damn you, tired body. It did feel good to sleep in though, I admit!

Since this post is mostly about food and how much I love it and eating regularly, etc. etc. Here is some advice from Dr. Oz. Or rather, here's what he wants you to buy at the grocery store. How many things do you already purchase when you are restocking the kitchen?

This list would be handy to print out and check off while you are in the store. Knowing me, however, I'd leave it at home and then buy everything except what I had checked off. OR I would keep it on the fridge to reference every time I opened the door (which seems to be a lot when I'm bored). Do you ever wander to the fridge when you're bored, look inside, and then close it too? It never changes no matter how many times you open it, but sometimes I just look and expect something amazing to appear there. Not so much.

At the Vancouver Sun Run "after party" (more like crowded sweaty people party) they were giving out free PowerBar energy bites. I had another bag of them plus an energy gel, so I popped them inside my Tiffany & Co. bag. Fashion meets fitness (I have another picture that I will post another day that also involves this iconic jeweler and fitness as well).

Okay, bed time for this old gal. Maybe I'll actually wake up on time tomorrow!

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